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jean guy!!!! whitie widow x mystery cross from montreal

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jean guy is an amazing cross. is it just me is is just about anything brazilian south indian line of cannabis just amazing. i am opening this thread to find out how popular this strain is outside of cannada ive heard from a sort of inside source that this strain is a white widow skunk #1 cross but if you look on the website of the compassion club that bred the strain they only list the white widow and its obvious just looking at the jean guy plant ( picture below )

unfortunatly you can not find seeds of this strain but i really wish you could because its amazing im just lucky my cannabis club has this stuff on the regular. so does anybody know anymore about this strain? is it popular out side of canada ?


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yeah bc has alot of breeders but what makes this strain jean guy so special is that it comes from montreal qubec but not only that, in canada we have nation wide cannabis dispensaries that operate as non profit organizations because they are technically illegal. the chain of dispensarys that is nation wide is called the compassion club and there is one in every major city in canada. jean guy was breed'd by a guy who was an owner of the montreal compassion club in the late 90's he was given a set of white widow cuttings that where extra "special" he crossed it with a mystery plant to make jean guy the strain and now it has became a staple strain in all compassion clubs across canada, articles in canabis culture magazine has been written about it and its known well by most serious canadian potheads thats why i am curious about its reputation around the world i would love a seed company to get there hands on these genetics and release a seed version of this strain. its really unique.

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not really tolerated recreationally but medically it is in canada the law states that a medical marijuana patient has to buy there cannabis from the government of the seeds from the government.medical marijuana patient can also appoint a caregiver to grow marijuana for them. the problem with this is that the canadian government only has the one strain. alot of people refused to apply for health canada's marijuana because they could get better cheaper weed on the streets. so in the 90's all these illegal medical dispensaries open'd up where inorder to be a member you needed to get a letter from a docter stating you have a disease that falls in there guidlines. these places where and are still completely illegal but the cops when they tryed to shut these places down gt swaped in the courts because of the law that alows medical marijuana patients to appoint a care giver to supply there cannabis along side the poor guidelines as to what makes a person a medical marijuana patient.

one judge in the supreme court ruled that having only one strain avalible is not sufficent considering the difference's in medical benifits also ruling that because almost 85% of doctors refuse to sign the government marijuana application becuase of the problems it brings to there practices a judge ruled that compassion clubs could run as a non profit organization as long as every member signed for them to be there appointed caregivers . but the problem with this is the laws are still not clear and the dispensaries are still illegal but my club hasent been raided in over 10 years and its the biggst of the clubs in toronto it even has its own website and internet forum.

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just to give you an idea of how large my "illegal" medical marijuana clinic is look at this copy/ sorry i edited the copy out because i didnt realize it was in a members only section of my dispensary's internew forum.\

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they did that with the seeds to eh? yeah in the past couple of years there has been tons of changes to the laws because of all the doctors and patients that are speaking out againts the gov medical marijauan program like in toronto there is probably like 10 or 15 cannabis dispensary's alone all technically illegal. the biggest one is the compassion club chain in toronto just the one chain remeber this chain has one in every province and in most major citys but just the toronto club has almost as many memeber as the hole canadian medical marijuana program im glad the supreme court of canada see's this as an issue as well. now if we could only get stephen harper out of office we'd be on easy street but of course that cock sucker wants to change allthe cannabis law to me way stiffer if he gets his way any cultivation of marijuana without an mmar growing licence will have a minium jail sentence of ruffly a month per plant from what ive hear 6 plants will get you a minimum of 6 months on a first offence thats whats gonna be the outcome if his new crime bill passes.

never in the history of marijauan in canada have we been living in such controversial times are two main political partys one being the conservatives wanna totally outlaw and banned cannabis while the liberal are talking about possibly campaining on legalizing and taxing marijuana in 2015 election never befor has a leader of a major political party in canada actuall came out on television and make an announcement about how he feels cannabis should be legalized completely for anyone old enough to smoke and taxed. but at the same time we have a leader in office who is soley against marijuana when youtube had a poll on questions you would like to ask stephn harper the number 1 topic was that the majority of canadians feel cannabis should be legalized for recreational purposes and taxed so when they had stephen harper on to answer the top questions they mentions that cannabis legalization was the number 1 topic and stephen harper just shrugged it off and went off an a speach about how the drug trade causes devistation in the third world. so who knows what will happen it really could go ether way. but thats cool to know about not having to buy the seeds from the government tho.

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o god no i wish no that menus just the menu of dried marijuana i can buy at my dispensary i just posted it to show like how much stuff the illegal medical dispensarys in canada have to offer and id even say the marijuana is on the lower side right now usually thers inbetween 25 and 35 strains to choose from and the strains change on a weekly basis. but ive always thought it was pretty crazy that in canada most of the medical marijuana is supplyed illegally and just how advanced these clubs have gotten considering they have to work around the law in the way they do.

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Amazing and i'm sure the weed is just as good as amsterdam stuff! I've tried quebec weed and it is almost better than in dam, and they say that their stuff is nothing compare to BC weed.

Hey greenomatic, you know if such "underground dispensary" exist in the province of quebec?

Peace out!

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hells yeah man the montreal compassion club is the club whos grower breeded jean guy here ill send you a like to there website altho youll need a recommendation from you docter to become a member. this is the website for the montreal compassion club http://www.clubcompassion.net/spip.php?article111 its a page with an article about jeanguy but its also there website just look around its in french tho the compassion club is a network right across canada there is one in every province this is the toronto ones website http://torontocompassioncentre.org/index.html you can print there application off of ether site and bring that to your doctor to get signed. any application will take ruffly a month to be processed when i applyed i got my card 3 weeks later and was able to buy weed on my first vist if you cant get in the compassion club there are many others if you have any problems let me know and ill try to figure something out for you.

the weed is amazing and they have specials like bargain strains for 6 $ a gram and super well grown top shelf meds for 10$-12$ every once and a while the top shelfs will be cheaper too it just depends on how much they bought and a bunch of other factors.

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accually i just read about this i live in toronto so i dont visit montreal that often but ive been reading about the montreal compassion club on their website it appears the club got shut down and five of the managers where arrested in june of 2010 im not entirely sure if its shut down but there hours of operation section now says closed monday through sunday im reading more about it on my medical marijuana forum and it says all compassion clubs in qubec are closed until futher notice i would look into other organizations like C.A.L.M this is a news segment about the raids and what happened at the time there were 4 clubs in montreal alone its to bad tho. this news report is bullshit tho i know for a fact the compassion clubs network all across canada does not sell marijuana to anyone without a doctors recommendation.

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I've never seen the strain, in seed form or on the street.

I do remember some dude from the US mid west have a few clones in a youtube vid.

Can't remember the dudes screen name, if i come across it again i'll post a link.

The south Brazilian crosses i found are "odd", I'd love to work with that landrace to maybe

start to understand the tolerance education in more of the strains that use south brazilian.

(ie. AK-47, WW, just about anything in the white family really..unless its a crock pot of genetics {ie. el nino})

Having that said, I absolutely love the structure that the south Brazilian landrace adds to those strains

I've personally grown WW and Wrussian, and currently working on ICE DREAM

once they get going they all have nice stout bushy profiles.

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this strain is one of the favorites out here in montreal, quebec. Fuck the PK, purple kush, is all i say. Give me more of that Jean-Guy !

Throughout late 90s and early 2000s, sativa strain of choice was definitely Jack Herer out here in quebec, but then the jack died out and was replaced with PPP pure power plant and now jean-guy when it is available, though as a clone only strain it can be found but not in vast quantities like M39 (beasters), PPP pure power plant and Purple kush.

Our purple kush isn't so good i dont understand the demand for it. very over rated, definitely not real purple kush.

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I have lots of grows with jean guy.. its very reliable but can yellow quickly in late flower so dont go to long... its a solid strain and yeilds well.. its sativa dom but has plenty of indy to satisfy any chouch sufers..

she clones easy and really is a super example of a white widow select pheno... it has no probs with PM or rot and bag appeal is high... its a very lime green finnished product thats got very good resin profile. well worth growing.. it does take 10 weeks to do right though.. and for a sativa it doesnt stretch that much.. but it does fill from node to node with great frosty good nugs.. actually there nit nugs there more like logs.. yeilds are very good..

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Definitely SKUNK cross.... i own Jean-guy since a lot of year, im a connoisseur and reference around here (montreal)...i know white widow, i do 96 version since a lot of time and it have nothing to do with JEAN GUY... i can tell yes, true that Jean guy can have some...white widow particularity... but... still 90% skunk for 10% ww ... its a high producer lemony sativa type pheno of skunk, REALLY DANK SHIT..... by far one of my favorite in the grow room. cant tell the result give sativa dank, but it have a nice indica effect.... really balanced effect.

GH you should get that, and if you want, i'll help you.

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I too have grown to appreciate Jean Guy, I get it from my cannabis club in Montreal. It is a very nice strain. They do not offer seeds but do offer cuttings. I use http://cannabisaccess.ca I can't show you the menu as I'd have to give out my User name and PW. But it is an extensive menu, with a huge variety. They always have some strains, such as Jean Guy, Chemo, Wappa, Jelly Bean, Chocolope. Then they offer new stuff every few weeks, like right now white widow, white rhino, blue widow, G13 x Haze...the list goes on and on. the prices are great compared to the other place in Toronto I use, this place the prices are mostly $7.00/CDN/gram then a few at $8.00, the most I've ever paid there is $9.00. Then there are different hashes, oils, wax, tintatures, eatable, very civilized. Then they have a special of 7grams for $20.00 every month for those who can not afford the regular prices. At this place it is about the helping sick ppl not about the money.

  • (max. 1 per member / per month)
    • 7g Jean Guy (Sativa)

Here is how it is listed on the site:

Jean Guy

Price: $ 7.00 CAD Quantity:

A Montreal classic - sativa dominant hybrid with skunk and citrus aromas. A heavy hitting euphoriant that will smell through several bags!

Just went to the site to order some Jean Guy, as I'm almost out of it and I see seeds for sale!!! Here they are:

SEEDS - Jean-Guy 5-pack (feminized)

Price: $ 95.00 CAD Quantity: 5

Feminized Jean-Guy by House of the Great Gardener. Jean-Guy is a legendary strain from Quebec that has spread like wildfire and now finds itself in medical gardens across Canada. Its pungent citrusy-skunk aroma coupled with its potent medicinal effects are what make Jean-Guy a Canadian favourite. Sativa strain

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