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if you use normal tap water you will not need to add anything to the powderfeeding ;)

If you use RO water, we need a little more info on that subject :)

Good luck man!

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i would keep the hard water as it is if the plant take it that way, i have a high EC in my water too around 0,6 ost of the time, don't know what it give exactly in μS but i keep it that way and girls never complained ;) I tried with other water but didn't see any diference so kept the hard water that way.

But i'm not really a water expert so don't take everything i say as 100% sure ^^

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my first super silver haze seed is in the water now

and i am doing the nutrition plan with powder feeding

so you suggest i can use my 1.0 EC water after removing chlorine

thank you

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is it first time you grow with it? how did the girls like it before if not?

Like i told you i don't modify my tap water, but it is true that 1,0 is a strong EC, would be nice to hear advice from an expert ^^ I know some people don't count the based EC of their tap water when they add the nute. For example they would put 2,6EC for a 1,6EC with your water. But i've never done it this way personally, maybe am i wrong ;)

And about the chlorine i use to do it, i suppose you mean letting the water sit for 24h at least? well i use to do it and my plant often had at some point some kind of claw shape on the leaves, i did some search about the osmotic presure a little as i thought it was coming from here probably and found out chlorine was playing a big role in it so i thought maybe if i don't let it sit it will be better, and since i didn't notice anymore clawing on my leaves.

So my conclusion was that the amount of chlorine in MY drinkable water was good enough for the plant to use it without letting it sit, but i don't know about the water in other country so give a try with sitting and without siting and make your conclusion ;)

Good luck man

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Sulfur levels & water quality guidelines. The normal ranges for water quality in horticultural applications are EC .3 to 1 with over 1.3 considered too high. It depends what the water contains as too much Boron, Chlorides, Sodium, Zinc, and Copper can cause serious problems. Sulfur levels depend on the crop with ppm levels (divide by 32 for mmhos/cm) range from 24 ppm to over 100 -140 growing Tomato and NFT Rosemary crops. It is always a good idea to have your water tested so you know what it contains.

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thank both of you

yes it is my first serious grow .

my first grow room is complete now

i have some info from other local growers but no one uses this product

, so the question mark is on calcium and Sulfur , is in the tap water normal quantities of that elements ?

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if you use your normal tap water without the ro water normally you should have enough of Cal and Su to grow your plants without adittives, in some water it is necessary but as long you haven't try you will not know ;)

I think you should try without and see how the girls react, but they should be fine ;)

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so with this product i have to forget everything else except this directions for my sativa



METRIC: 2.5 - 5 gr. / 10 Lt. water (agua)

US: 0,09 - 0,17 oz. / 2,64 US gallons water

UK: 0,09 - 0,17 oz. / 2,1 UK gallons water


METRIC: 10 gr. / 10 Lt. water (agua)

US: 0,35 oz. / 2,64 US gallons water

UK: 0,35 oz. / 2,1 UK gallons water




Flowering / Floración: 5.8 - 6.8


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For maximum yields you need to know what is in your water as far as Calcium and Sulfur levels are concerned. With tap water at EC 1 I would not use it for a RWDC or DWC and would do drain to waste. My water here in Hawaii has an EC of .3 and in my greenhouse my basic feeds have Calcium levels of 100 to 200 ppm (mmol 2.49- 4.98) with Sulfur 32 to 64 ppm or (mmol 1-2) recent research from The Netherlands on floral crops has shown an increse in Sulfur in the flowering stage is a good idea.

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Dust, Here is the Canada Advanced Nutes (Con your customers into paying crazy prices pH perfect) numbers at an EC of 1.9 in RO water , NO3 196 PPM (14 mmol), P 68 PPM (2.2mmol), K 324 PPM (8.28 mmol), Ca 113 PPM (2.8 mmol), Mg 27 PPM (1.12 mmol), S 51 PPM ( 1.58 mmol) this would be a drain to waste EC level and would be reduced to EC .8 -1.4 for RWDC, DWC, and bubbler systems. I feel AN Nutes are overpriced and it is great that now they have some real compertion thanks to Franco and the folks at Greenhouse Seed.

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Those are diferent hydro system DWC for Deep Water Culture for example. yeah water full of nutrients are not good for anything with sprayers, drippers or small holes anywhere ^^

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RWDC = Recycle Water Deep Culture is a high yield system with low nutrient levels of .8 to 1.3 EC during the flowering stage of growth. With hard water with an EC of 1 you might want to use a Hypcochlorus Acid product like Oxcide to improve growth. Current Culture H2O has the same product they are calling it Roots. Here is Current Culture's new bloom formula at EC 1.3 , N 128 PPM, P 55 PPM, K 199 PPM, Mg 20 PPM, Ca 91 PPM, S 27 PPM, Fe 2.3 PPM, Mn .44, B .26, Zn .18, Cu .09, Mo .05

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nice info old marine havent had time to watch the vid, but be sure i will.

Great info from Agnet, i copied and pasted it for future reference and will be sure to check out the rest of the site.

Thanks buddy.



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Hi from usa

Has anyone in Green House used this powder feeding ?, if so where is the link to the grow.

Thanks for all your efforts, if it works it will save this old man from making a lot of mixing mistakes.

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