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For the past two years all I've used in Powderfeeding but ran out at the end of land season.  It is not sold in Canada, so I've bitten the bullet and ordered it from Europe. I've ordered 1kg. of each type for a total of 4 kilos, with shipping it is costing me 193.86 euros.  The first time I bought it was here in Toronto as the Medical Marijuana show at the converntiion center.  I only bought 1 kg. of Mother plant and 1 kg. of Indica, this lasted two years.   I have to say the results speak for themself, this stuf is so easy to use and just plain works.  I will never grow with anything else.

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Just reaceived my box of goodies from Powderfeeding.  Everything was handled to perfection by the folks at Powderfeeding.  Excellent communication so I new every step of the way what was happening.  They even included a thing to hang around your neck to attach Keys?  USB stick? or what every you want.  So I'm now all set, got all my new seeds in from Spain (Ace Seeds) and now 4 different kinds of Powderfeeding now all I need if for spring to arrive and I'll be doing my 3rd straight crop using nothing but Powderfeeding.powderfeeding.jpg

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Great mates,


Glad to see satisfied growers with Powder Feeding. I use it since day (coconut cultivation, usually). Always with good results, easy to use and very long duration, lasting relationship - price, perfect.


Thank you for sharing your friends experiences, if you want you can put pictures of your plants with PF !!



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Can I get some samples to cover a full grow side by sind with other brands as im looking to change to which evers best.

Im due to take clones anyday plz pm if can be sorted.

I also wat a bloom boost thats perfect and works so have contacted a few companys for samples. got about 8 spare plants im use same clones. 

something ive wanted to do a while tbh.

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On 19/6/2016 at 6:16 PM, RIX said:

¿Puedo Obtener ALGUNAS Muestras para cubrir la ONU Lado de cultivo completo por sind con Otras Marcas Como im buscando párrafo switch to La que mejor Evers.

Im clones Que tendra Cualquier Día PLZ pm Si Se pueden Ordenar.

Tambien me wat ONU impulso floración Eso Es perfecto y bronceado Funciona Puesto en contacto con PAR UN de Companys Para Las Muestras. Tiene cerca de 8 Plantas Piezas de la USO im MISMOS clones. 

Algo que él querido Hacer from Hace Tiempo TBH.


On a general level we do not send samples. But now we have a test section, where you can take a free seeds and fertilizer.

Perhaps it is of your interest, just we ask that you keep a diary of cultivation, to see the results :)




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