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sounds like you done your homework and made your choices and will have a nice set up.

You are making it all just right to your budget. :)

When buying equipment you can keep spending more and more, there is always some new technology and new and improved product designs.

Having said that i have often had to make things like carbon filters,reflectors and use things like household CFL's, aquarium pumps and mylar space blankets for reflective sheeting.

Things that you can't make such as inline fans are important purchases, also getting a good light is up there too,though i am still using household CFL's, even though i have a 400WHPS (there are reasons why i can't use this at the moment) :(:blink: .

I have also built various cabs from what i can scrounge,having to get by the best i can is sometimes fun. :P

It seems to me you are on the right track and will have a good harvest, especially as there are many great growers here to help if you need it.



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wELL SAID - You can get lost wih gear and fertilizers plus a million more things that would be nice to own - like that beautiful Silver Clone TENt 60 & 60 & 1,20 for clone/ seedlings * motherplants for 179 ,. a tent for harvesting, a machine for waterhash and a 1 ton press for

What I really want is a ROOR Green Machine Bong and a nice pure pipe bubbler.. biggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.png

But stickig to basics is my prioritie. I do have a balllast and a 400 watt DUAL MH, but for little plants this is overkil. electricity is crazy expensive over here 10 hours lights 1 Euro !

I linked the wrong lamb. I want that model with 4 double neons a 55 watts. I can use that for the VEG period and it will help with the flowering too with the right lights attached.

Costs only half theenergy price what the 400 costs !

Thank god for the intenet and esp. for this forum. I ordered 3 times already and made a few bad choices, but nothing really useless - not sure about all that DUAL lambs ?

If I started fresh with those 3 Auto Bombs and 3 Jacks I woud wait till I got the right gear..

Coco and Hydro is a bad choice for beginners cause you must bring everything into the soil and without a ph and EC meter you won't get far.

I am thinkign about a PC fan for the intake-any models recommended ? the way the grow era is set up enough air can pass through.

I used 2 of those metal wine shelves and 5 paneele on top all covered with b+w folie - Nice and flexible. I am constantly re arranging things.. lots of work, but it's all good..

First time I did get a strong smell from my plants - as little as they are..


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