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First time making bubble hash!

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I want to thank bozoph for helping me make my first bubble hash!!!! Its SLH mixed with Exodus cheese and man is it good!! I got 6 grams with 65 grams of trim. The first 5 pics are right after i made it and the last pics are hash at 4 days old.










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nice man, what size of bags did you use? can be usefull for someone maybe ;)

I Hope it taste good, i'm sure it does ^^

Have a good smoke man

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Guest resinhazin

Cool Man,

looks reallynice! I got a question, the smallest size u used is 25 mic. does the resin lay on it finally or

does it go through it to the ground of the pot?

how does it work?

i got my cuttings from last year , over 300g and have 90 and 25 micron material.

do you think 2 sizes are enough? or did you have resin on all different sections?

good smoke ..


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Nice man, indeed you used lots of bags must have some nice quality,

As resin asked i would like to know if the 25 and 73 catched the material nicely? or does it let some resin go still?

Because maybe i could afford buying 1 or 2 bags, but for sure not 5 ^^ so which one would be the most usefull?

Have a good smoke man ;)

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Guest Ghost_doG

@Dust: No offence to the gumby method but bags is the way to go when it comes to bubble hash. I tired it on two different batch of the same plant (mother and then clones).

Using bags was:faster (about 2h instead of 2 days) and more efficient (better quality by far and quiet a big weight difference as well).

I dont know what you do with your trimmings but as SSH said you can get a set of bag for 50 euros.

I've used a friend bag (3 different screen. Secret-icer by secret smoke), the result were pretty good but he bought it for 50 euros in a grow shop, i'll rather put an extra 10 euros to get the ice-o-lator bag...

Bottom line is more than a gadget it's a real good tool for regular growers like you!


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yeah don't worry i don't doubt about the utility lol, i just can't even buy a 20€ gadget these days lol, so 50€ forget about it right now ^^

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Guest resinhazin

thanks for all the infos smokers! nice stuff everyone.

But i dont understand one thing. are on the different sections differnt qualities or

is the pure resin only made with the smallest size (like 25 microns).

couldnt i just do it like the gumby method and then put the final solution

through my 2 sized filters?

Anyone an idea what i could use to get out all plant material without having

filters over 90 microns?


good smoke eveyone

(no testing some maroc oil);-)

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Guest Ghost_doG

@Dust: I feel you but even though i'm smart when it comes to spend a buck, i get crazy when it comes to the world of plants (on the other hand every pieces of equipment i've bought made me save money in the long run (you'll have buy your bag back after 2 or 3 harvest)!

@Resinhazin: your logic seems good and if no helping hand comes then you should do that, but i'm sure one of the guru will pass by ;)

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