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Saludos, os dejo una foto de las nuevas grinder card de Green House, espero que os guste, se utiliza como si fuera un rallador de queso, pasando el cogollo sobre la rejilla y el cogollo se va desmenuzando, muy útil porque es muy cómoda de llevar encima, sin molestias en los bolsillos, ni preguntas indiscretas...

En las próximas semanas esperamos poder repartilas con los que participáis en el foro, saludos y felices fumadas!!

Greetings, I leave a picture of the new GH grinder-card, I hope you like is used like a cheese grater, very useful because no problem to put in your poket.

In the coming weeks we hope share with those who are taking part in the forum, greetings and happy smokes!!


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Guest Ghost_doG

I love the design, you guys at the green house are really ahead in terms of marketing and selling the GH brand! (That might be why some guys are hating on the brand saying you guys forgot about the breeding side. I say this site is a "living proof" lol)


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Love it, and for having it at home, i would have never thought it would be as efficient as it is, but really it is doing a great job when we talk about grinding, since i have it I love it ^^

And my best friends keep annoying me to have one now lol ;)

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Joder X,no paráis de sorprender al personal tio,tiene muy buena pinta,aunque espero que no me pase como con el rallador de queso,que siempre me termino rallando algún dedo.

Damn X,do not stop to surprise the people,looks great,but I hope it does not happen as with the cheese grater. I always end up scrafing a finger LOL

Saludos / Greetings ;)

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Guest Ghost_doG

I'm having a profound dilemma though as nothing will ever beat crunching that perfectly dried bud (like perfect moisture/dryness ratio ;) ) in you finger and FEEL the all thing happening. First it's a cool feeling and sense of touch you abandon. Than it's a part of the ceremonila that's kind of taken away by the grinder (you could say that using a grinder is just an other part of a ceremonial like bong could replace joint but it invlolves buying merch...)

But you all guessed it, that stoner talk at 3am, no more of those ladies and gentleman!


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Muchas gracias por comentar amigos, la verdad que es gadget muy útil sobre todo por ser plano, y también sirve para las pizzas LOL a ver si podemos repartir unos cuantos!!

Thanks a lot to comment family! really is a good gadget, and also you can use for te pizzas LOL, we hope share for here not much later!

Saludos ;)

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Tremendo Mr.X!!

Realmente practico a la par de discreto, aunque no tengo muy claro donde guardar la masa para la pizza :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gracias Fran por el vídeo, ayuda mucho a hacerse una idea aunque hay que comentar que esta tarjeta-grinder no es completamente

plana en la zona perforada facilitando mas aun su función, en el vídeo se ve que le cuesta un poco :P


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