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DusT - Money Maker - 20/03/2012

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Hi guys,

Some of the little plants are gone in the room, so time for the New generation To come, I've named, in the left corner (talking really fast) originated from an original Master kush, kept since the 90's and brought back to life by the wonderful team of the Greenhouse seeds companies, THE MONEY.....MAKEEEERR

lol sorry about that :ph34r:

So i've put - 2 money maker see to Soak on 19/03/2012, not even 20 hours later, the Seed were in the bottom of the glass and both opened!! who's gonna say GH doesn't germinate ;)

And today i have put the 2 seeds in their Root Riot cube that had soak with mineral water and Nitrozyme, like the seeds had. And the 2 cubes have been put into the 11L pots with Biobizz Light Mix, and lightly watered with same mineral water and nitrozyme mix ;)

The Setup is as usual :

1 Silverbox evo 104x104x200

1 Ballast Platine Philips 400W

1 CoolTube� V2 125mm x 320mm + home made "adjust a wing" kind of

1 bulb Sun Master 400w MH

1 bulb Philips 400 W GREEN POWER for the End of the flowering

1 Ruck Extractor RK 125mm 350m3/h 4 speed level

1 Intractor 150mm 300m3/h

1 Cfl 200w red spectrum

And I am still doing the 12/12 from seed cycle :)

I'll give you little pictures as soon as seeds have popped from soil ;)


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Guest Ghost_doG

You lucky fuck rocking the money maker, also i'm amazed you're only using a 400w in a 1m+ tent when i blast 1200 in a 1.5m square! (Don't tell me about the bill you killed me before ;))

I'm sure you'll do a great job with them, good to see you sticking with the 12/12 from seed you'll learn to master that if you stck with it long enough i'm sure.


Ps: i'm in from post #1 this time :D

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chair pulled up, nose pressed against the screen, now just have to watch and wait :D

nice spec list, good to know how and with what you grow with.

12/12 from start, I am liking this.

Good to know that those seed were so eager to grow,yes Greenhouse did not fail me when it came to germing.

400W is adequate for a 3'x3' dont forget there will be a 400W HPS amd a 200W Red spectrum in there for the flower.

I look forwards to see what money maker will do.

Have a great grow bro! :)



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50Watts per sqr foot is what is needed for best results when growing weed.

your space is 4.5' x 4.5' = just over 20sqr feet which is 59.25Watts per SQR foot when using 1200w.

I dont know what height your lamps are hung at from the canopy, inverse square law will affect how much light intesity reaches the canopy,depending on distance from the canopy.

If you were to use just 1000W that would be 49.38W per sqr foot.

Basically now worries you could just use 1000W but 1200W is also cool, not what I would call overkill.

In Dust's space which is 3'x3' = 9sqr foot. 400w divided by 9 = 44.4W per sqr foot.

Then when flowering it is 600w diveded by 9 = 66.6W per Sqr foot.

Both grow spaces have plenty of Watts per sqr foot and will grow some great buds.

Grow room calculators here -



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Nice dude, wicked setup looking forward to this :D

I should be having some Money Maker's arrive soon too and you are starting them straight from 12/12 ?

if you don't mind me asking but why? benefits to such? just thinking i might try the same that's all :)

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Ps: i'm in from post #1 this time :D

hihi nop #2 :ph34r: thanks for coming buddy ;)

you are starting them straight from 12/12 ?

if you don't mind me asking but why? benefits to such? just thinking i might try the same that's all :)

Thanks potent, yes i start them from 12/12, because since last session with ice dream i'm giving a try to 12/12 from seed, it's been 80 days now i'm using it, just harvested 1st plant of the session adn yeilded 30-35g, i have 8-9 girls in the room, if i manage to do a roll with the harvest and can stop buying between the session i will stick to it.

And so far i can say i'm not disapointed at all, and it lowells my elec bill as i only do 12/12, so only positiv so far :)

Glad too see you on your way to a new adventure. Where the hell did you put my chair?

your chair ?Hihi don't you feel it?? :ph34r: :ph34r:

Have a nice stay i'll bring you a hot chocolate ;)

And thanks lams for passing by too ;)

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hey dust great to see your package arrived safely too matey, great to see you still have your perpetual cycle going

ive grabbed a chair and will be along for the duration :)

All the best for the grow mate


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Guest Ghost_doG

Thanks for a tight and quick answer lams!

I'll stick with 1200W, call me a fool but i like to treat my ladies and with the wonderfull result i'm having (i'll try to post soon) i dont wanna risk lowering my yield as i see the end of my session approaching.

Be safe hunters, peace!

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Hi Guys!! Today is DAY 1

The T° is 25 26° for a 45% HR


So today is the first day for the 2 little babies, they broke through the soil thi morning 3 days after i started germination, 1 Day in water they opened, 1 day in cube they developed, and day after they broke soil. Couldn't go faster ;)

Not much to say they are still watered with mineral water with 2ml/L of Bioheaven. I'll keep you updated with new pics tomorrow if they opened ;)



That's it for tosay

Tchoussss :superblue:

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Hola dust veo que ya salieron.

bueno te deso suerte y por aqui estare mirando tu jardin si no es molestia.

HiI see you out dust.

I wish you good luck and I'll be here watching your garden if you do not mind.

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Thanks everyone for coming seeing those babies :D

I'll keep you updated they seemed to do good today ;)

Have a good night guys ;)

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Hi Guys today is DAY 5

The T° is 26° for a 40% HR


The 2 seeds are doing good, like good seedling ^^

So not much to say exept that they grow ;)

They still get only mineral water and Bioheaven these few days instead of the Nitrozyme. will pass to normal water next week i think.

Here are the 2 babies



That's it for today not more to show

I keep you updated guys

Tchousss :bye:

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Thanks you mopman, please take a sit on the sofa you'll be better than on a chair ;)

Thanks for passing by man

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Hi Guys, Today DAY 11

The T° is 26 27° for a 40% HR



THe little babies are doing fin, stretching a little, but i will reburry them around the stem a little bit later in the week.

Not much to say they are watered with tap water that sitted for 24h at PH 6,7 with Nitrozyme and Bioheaven. and they are spraed once or twice a week with Demineralized water and Algamic, to compensate the low humidity in the room a little.

That's about it, i will have Another one germinating soon as 2 girls leaved the room ;)

A little pic of the 2 babies





That's it for today guys, have a good day

Tchousss :bye:

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hehe yeah man that is the good thing about the 12/12 from seed, it allow me to do some kind of "perpetual harvest" and i'm about to put others to germinate ;)

Thanks for your comment apple pie buddy ;)

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