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DusT - Money Maker - 20/03/2012


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Hi mneese, well you can check my ice dream test grow, it is all on 12/12 the auto bomb grow too is in same room on 12/12

And there are a few growers on here doing it especially in spanish section i think, with alittle search you might be able to find them ;)

For my nutes, i don't feed them until 3rd level of leaves, then 2 first feeding with veg nutes and veg boosters, and as soon as i notice she will soon declare i start slowly the bloom nutes, so in the end i don't use the veg nutes a lot. The gh powder could be a very good solution for the 12/12 grow

Thanks for passing by Mneese ;)

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Thanks Dust. Really appreciate it. I'm gonna research this method. The powder is some nice stuff. Thinking bout getting a bag to take. Home in May. Just not sure how customs are gonna treat a bag with the word sativa or indica on it.

I'm gonna keep on this thread cause I wanna see how Money maker turns out.

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Oops I F+cked upü. I have no secret second location and to ask friens to receive my grow stuff wouldn't be fair, so how do you manage ? I mean even at a packing station your name is on the package..lol

I doubt I would have liked to move my last sending with the 50 litre bag of Canna Terra 3 kilometers on my back. I don't have a car..So how do you manage to get your stuf without your name on it. Send it to your grandma ?

Whatever Dust. These seedlings are straight 100 %.

What is that golden looking stuff in your soil. Found gold ?

With the 12/12 from get go , wonder how an Indica deals with it. I mean a tropical sativa would feel perfectly fine with a 12/12.

I see what the aim is. I was thinking about the 12 vs 18 hour cycle, too and decided to put the 18 hour plants in another location fior the night rest of the Bloomers and give them only 2 & 55 Watt or maybe add the ESL 85 watts for 6 hours..Will see how the temperature works out in that cupboard..

Good luck man and happy easter !

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lol bam, i don't really see xhat could be golden, exept the perlite maybe? the white dots? :)

Thankd guys for the comments, i love the 12/12 from seed so far ;)

Soon update

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..So how do you manage to get your stuf without your name on it. Send it to your grandma ?

I used to send it to my PO Box with someone else's name on it ;) so if it ever came up i would be like , i dont know who the hell that person is ;)

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Hi Guys, Today is DAY 27

The T° is 24° for a 35%-40% HR


Hi Guys the girls are doing wonderful, they have declared themselves at DAY 23 i think, so pretty quick girls they even came before the autos in the room lol.

The girls are very vigorous, I have 2 phenos, a little more indica pheno with shorter and wider leaves, And a pheno with more hybrids leaves.

Both are growing very nicely and compact, and at pretty much same speed.

Nothing special to say appart there are looking wonderful :)

I gave 1 to a friend that is looking wonderful too!

Here are some pipcs for your little eyes ;)

First the more Hybrid phenotype




The little more indica pheno




And the little baby that is 9 days old


That's it for today stoners i keep you updated

Tchoussss :bye:

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no i will not top this one, maybe the smallest i'll see how the 2 others will have evolved, as i'm in 12/12 from seed as you know, i don't wanna make anything that could slow them down. But i'll still try on one plant in the coming girls, supercropping too i think.

Thanks for passing by ;)

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Hi guys today is DAY 34

The T° is 24° for a 50% HR


Girls are doing very good they have been watered yesterday with a 1,4 EC solution.

The mix contained, Biogrow, Bio Bloom, Bioheaven and Algamic

The 2 moneymaker have really boosted this few days awesome growth and structure, i love them so far, the indica is a little more advanced in budding the the hybrid sativa one. And the younger one is doing very good too, she's had her first fedding yesterday too with 5dl at 1,2 EC.

Here are some little pics ;)

Group photo as usual ^^


First the Hybrid/Sativa pheno



See her structure very tight and dense, i will soon take some little leaves off to allow more light inside from beggining.



And The indica Pheno






The younger girl that is today at DAY 15


And an even younger at DAY 2 today ^^


That's it for today guys i keep ya updated ;)

Tchoussss :bye:

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Thanks gobru for passing by here :)

And Tok, yeah for the moment 2 phenos, i'll see what the 2 coming seed will have to offer :)

And yeah no problem for the comparison will be fun to read too here :) even tho you have hydro and me soil so taste will probably be a little diferent? we'll see will be instructive :rabbi:

Thanks for the comments guys ;)

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Hi Guys today is DAY 42 for the bigger.

The T° is 25° for a 50% HR


The girls are doing wonderful, the MM is a very vigorous and healthy strain!! The younger girls got their hair at DAY 19 pretty fair score for a regular strain when you know Auto got it at day 18 ;)

The big girls are budding very nicely, the indica pheno a little faster than the hybrid one. I've taken some of the older fan leaves and some leaves in the middle to allow more light to pass but the leaves have already refill the holes lol, very vigorous!

They got a shower flush last time i watered the big one so will wait before rewatering them. They've had after their flush a little Greensensation mix lightly dosd, with some biogrow and biobloom really light too.

So far so good :) here are the pics

The Hybrid pheno first, a little taller than the indica one now.





The indica pheno, new leaves are not so indica looking anymore ^^





And the Younger one at DAY 23 that is apparently a indica phenotype too and already declared since 5 days :)



And an even younger at DAY 10


That's it for today guys enjoy your week;)


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I like what i see they look nice and healthy, let us know how taking off the leaves influenced the growth.

I was very tempted to do that again and again and the more i try LST the happier i am. My lolly-pop experience worked wonder so far, so did the "taking off the lower branches" and all around suppercroping...

Good to see that you started wearing those summer shoes, i hope you guys have a more forgiving summer than us... (Are you doing anything for that 12 may thing?)


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Thanks Jimmy, Ero Sennin, And ghostdog for coming by :D

Tok, if mine would end up with the same yeild as yours i would be blessed :rabbi: , but i know that ain't gonna happen ROFL ;)

Ghost, well i've cutted the leaves, day after some others had taken the place already lol. I often take some small fan leaves away to make more light, but on those plants as they stay pretty low i don't have much light penetration problem ;) Neither the popcorn bud problem as it's all well exposed. I'll try the lolipop thing tho. on the small one perhaps, i'll see ;)

Anyway i keep you updated guys ;)

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Hi Guys today is DAY 48

The T° is 26° for a 50%HR



The big girls are doing very good they have both 2 diferent smells, but both are smelling really good!!

The indica pheno has started a better trichome production than the hybrid pheno, but tho hybrid pheno is doing a very good job too, a little taller but not too much :)

I have a problem with my nutes i think at least 2 of them are "dead" i was having a little yellowing problem since i started giving them nutes, it hapened on end of last grow too, so for the moment i kept only the ones i was sure of, Greensensation and Bioheaven, and nitrozyme and i'm waiting impatiently to see if i'll get some powder feeding to save my ass ^^

Beside that everything is doing great, on the pics they still have all their leaves, i did another big cleaning of leaves and now it only leaves some nice lolipops, i hope they will like it ^^ I'll show you pics of that on next update

The big girls at day 48

hybrid pheno




The indica pheno




The younger at DAY 29


and even younger at day 14


Tat's it for today guys i keep ya updated ;)


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