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DusT - Money Maker - 20/03/2012


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Man thats some nice top colas

;). Looks really nice brother, I hope you have a super nice harvest whit some sweet finger hash ;). You have done one amazing work bro. Gonna be nice to see a smoke report soon.

Peace & Smoke


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Thanks jimmy boy ;)

I hope i'll have a nice harvest, 3 olders girls are now in the dark 1 hanging and the 2 others sitting AB will hang tonight and other bomb after a day or 2 of dark ;)

See ya soon guys

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Hi Guys today is DAY 66 for the older girl

The is 26-27° for a 50%HR


The girls are doing fine, the older one is in flush since 2 week almost, she will have another good 2 week to finish i think cause i noticed she had a second fattening breath

toward the end on my others already ;)

The younger one is getting some Greensensation and Powder Feeding, doing her path slowly but surely, and once again we can see how stable the strain is already, she is almost a copy of the ending girl and of the one cuted too ^^

I've put the 2 cutted girls in Jars opened for the moment to finish "drying" they are already dry but my house is very humid so can't close the jars yet i know it will rehumidify

The Indica pheno harvested 25g dry, and the hybrid pheno 22g dry, they dried for about 2 weeks before weighting them.

They have been cutted after 72 days from seed to harvest, once again the regular strain performed exactly like the Auto that had been put at same time.

Enough talking here is a little pic of the indica pheno before the last manicure and cutting to put into jar. i'll take some pics of the final buds soon ;)


The Younger one at DAY 52 from seed




And the Older one at DAY 66 from seed, being flushed with only hard water and will stay another 2 weeks i think.







That's it for today stoners, i keep ya updated


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well i don't mean to sound like an asshole lol, but right now i can't think of anything i would change during this grow, it was already a kind of test grow, as i now use the powder with the Greensensation for Second time, andi added a little more use of nitrozyme once every 2 3 watering, and the roots on the cutted girls were jsut amazing the 11L were PACKED with thousands of hairs while usually it's full, but there were still room for them ( they stay only 70 days alive, so not so long ).

Now that i finish writing i found only one thing i would have changed, a climatizer ^^ we've had some veryyy hot days so room got some days to 30°, not deadly and dangerous but it's the only thing i see.

Since this 2 last sessions, i've also started to take a lot more leaves as usual during week 2 3 of flowering to really make lots of room, and i think the buds loved it :D

Thanks for passing by buddy ;)

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Very nice Dust! I scrolled tru your whole grow and i really liked what i saw. :) Love the 12/12 from start and mixing the Power Feeding with the Green Sensation. It gives you a very good result. It was very nice to see your test.

Peace :victory:

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hey man thanks for your comment :)

I'm glad that you enjoyed what you say, i really enjoyed growing them too ^^

And the powder with the GS is giving me awesome results so far, i tried powder alone too, and it gave me my biggest plant ever harvested, but you know how, we, growers are like ;) Having to add only GS still make a very nice value compared to other complete brand, so i think i'll stay like this ^^

Come back anytime you want ;)

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hey ghostdog i do something simlar to tho but i dont take all of the lower buds off just the ones i know arent gonna make it to my smoking bag if i thinkit even has a chance tho ill leave it but i only do this because i have light penetration issues pretty much my lights are only good for like 12 - 16 inchs of penetration. to avoid this my next grow is gonna be all clones.

dust man the money makers are looking great i can't wait to see you finnished product of the stuff so far every bud ive seen of moneymaker looks incredible

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Hey guys today is DAY 76 for older one

The T° is 30° for a 50%HR


The girls are doing very nice even with this heat, but outside is much hot hotter and i can't do better without an AC ^^

The Older Girl at DAY 76 will be put in dark tonight, andwill be harvested in 2 days or so. She is smelling amazingly good, diferent from the previous MM, a very STRONG tutti frutti smell, i hope it will stay with the drying and curing :)

The younger girl is doing very nice too, having an amazing trichome production since 1 or 2 week, buds finally start to get their final boost to blow, this one is not fruity at all in the smell, this one is very kushy, i can smell it she'll be a little more like the first i've harvested. but still she gots much more trichomes for the moment at this stage than any other MM.

I also took a few pics of the Curing buds as greeno asked it ;)

I hope you will enjoy guys

The older girl that will be in dark tonight DAY 76 from seed to almost harvest ^^








The little younger one at DAY 64 from seed






And here are some shots of some random buds from the curing MM.

First the Hybrid pheno





And the Indica Pheno






That's it for today guys i hope you enjoyed ;)

I keep ya updated


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Hi guys,

Some quick news, Today i cutted the older MM at day 80 from seed to harvest.

She smells REALLY good, a strong tutti frutti smell, nothing similar to the previewed girl i've harvested, i hope she will keep that smell and taste it too :D

Here are some quick pictures before i put her to hang, she will have a final manicure when harvested.

Enjoy ;)









That's it for today stoners, like i said in the A. BOMB's thread i'll be away fo the week so no pics during that time, i'll still be hanging around i think if i have a connexion ;)

Have a good week stoners


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pretty hard to describe them i wuldn't find the correct word ^^ The last was the more kushy in smell with some notes of earths woods and things like that in it. Others were kushy too but with a something diferent i never really managed to point with a name, let's say it's a moneymaker taste :P :P

Haha sorry i can't help more ^^

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I too am finding it really hard to pinpoint what smell is comin from my MM's so I can report in my journal but it's tough :) I used to smoke 30 a day and my taste buds are shot so smelling things can be harder. Tastes are coming back slowly now I've quit. It's a really lovely smell but not sure what of. It IS a just a money maker smell as my good friend Dust put it :)

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Awesome report DusT I am growing the money maker for the first time and is into my 3rd week of 12/12 and what a beautiful beast of a girl she is and I to have a couple of different pheno types. Thanks for the in sight on your grow and some awesome photos and tips

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