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Nutes - AutoBomb Test x 4 - Indoor - 20/03/2012

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Hello everyone, so the mail mans been and what a good day

My test seeds arrived with the SH Malawi expedition DVD so i must say before i start

thanks to fuzzy, franco and all the team for this chance, i will do my best to bring these

girls up the best i can :D

So ive decided im going to run 4 of these Auto Bombs to do indoor starting today and in a couple of weeks when the weather permits i will run with the rest of these outdoor and will for sure be doing a test diary with them in the outdoor setting to see how they differ in growth, final result & taste.

My Kit for the Grow will be.

For the first couple of few weeks

110w Fluorescent Powerplant Sunmate.

a fan and small 4" intake for fresh air

and small heater in a 1.2m sq tent

Canna Aqua Vega A & B

Canna Rhizotonic

canna Cannazyme


Flowering Room

2 x 600w lumitek digitals

2 x adjusta-wings

2 x super HPS bulbs

5" ambient intake fan

6" extractor fan

Big Mountain Air filter

2 Medium sized oscillating fans

1 hotbox sulfume to completely stop any moulds or budrot developing

1 digital multi ph ec temp and ppm meter.

Canna Aqua Flores A & B

Canna Rhizotonic

canna Cannazyme

canna Boost accelerator

Canna pk 13/14

canna cure as a preventative

Canna Flush











ive popped them into a nice dark and warmish area.

and set 4 rockwool cubes to soak in a few drops of rhizotonic and superthrive and Ph'd

This will be my first ever Automatic Run so any thoughts by anyone along the way will be greatly recieved.

Hope people will pop in for the ride :)


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The post sure put a smile on your face :D

Good to know your precious cargo arrived safe and sound.

I look forward to seeing these ladies grow, you are sure to have fun doing so.

Great spec list,I always like to know what being used in a grow and there is no better place to put it than at the start.

All the best, look forwards to more pics :D



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thanks everyone for the kind words, yep for sure we will be seeing the moneymakers in a test too :)

hopefully i may get my powder feeding arrive soon to use on them

im really looking forward to see these grow as they are my first autos.

thanks again everyone


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Hey everyone, well 2 of them are just above ground with one more in the rockwool about to come up too.

i think the last seed i left in the paper towel isnt going to do anything but i will keep it in their too see, if not i will be adding another 1 or 2 seeds so i will have atleast 4 or 5 autobombs to run for this test :)

thanks for everyones words upto now im looking forward to these as its my first run with auto flowering genetics.

for now they just have had the bit of rhizotonic and superthrive the cubes was soaked in

the nursery tent is running at 25 degrees © lights on 19 lights off atm.

will update again in next few days when i have some more news.





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hey tokeage nothing special mate tbh but i did make these small rockwool cubes myself as my hydro store was out i bought a couple of the big 6" rockwool cubes and just made my own so the holes could well be a bit deeper.

i soak the cubes in rhizotonic and superthrive for aslong as the seeds take to germ in the paper towels, then i squeeze the excess water from the cubes and put in the seeds tap down, then put them in my propogator in my nursery tent as soon as they come above the rockwool cube i take the lid off the propogator and stick them under the 110w flourecent light thats it really dude.

i wait till roots come out the small cube and place them in the bigger cubes then wait till roots come out from underneath that too, thats when they go into the light feeding.

ive never really heard of putting rockwool ontop of the seeds, but i do keep them in a shaded area of my nursery tent till they have broken the surface with the baby leafs to protect the roots from light then i put them closer underneath :)

they will have filled that hole within a couple of weeks usually

update later today

thanks everyone for the kind words ;)


Edited by Nutes
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Nice to know,I didn't have great results with seeds in rockwool cubes.

I tried to close the hole over, lol, and didn't have good results.

Know I know;)

Always planted seed in soil,it's what I know,Cuttings on the other hand alway like doing em in rockwool.



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yeah its interesting to see someone start seeds in rockwell for me i always thought rockwell was more for cloning but i was wondering if it was hard to keep the rock well moist? im asking because i was thinking of doing a big plant for my next grow and i wanna use just rockwell as a medium so ive been reading up on it, i talked to a few people that told me if your gonna use rockwell as a medium you have to water everyday and its difficult to maintain a level ph.

so im interested in hearing your opinions on rockwell. im only asking because on my next grow i wanna test two different base nutrients and i figure using a medium thats ph nutrial and doesent have any added nutients or anything ill be able to better guage which base nutrient formula would be better and why so if you have any input on anything i just said it would be appreshiated other wise have a good grow and ill be following this thread for sure

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Wicked Nutes really looking forward to this grow and you know how jealous i am.... my postman must be having a wicked time planting my tester seeds :( lolol

Good luck buddy and hope it all goes well and enjoy that dvd

i went in on some 'Root Riots' they're really good so far no issues at all just thought i'd say it's another alternative :)



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thanks everyone for the kind words, its allways good to hear nice comments :D

yeah greeno dont worry about the moisture levels in rockwool especially when you have them in a pot in a big rockwool cube they hold loads of moisture, only have to keep an eye on that when they are small like this as soon as the small cube is placed in the bigger cube it isnt an issue.

the issue can be the ph like people mentioned and salt buildups can be a bitch, but aslong as you make a good flush a few times during flowering even that doesnt really become a big issue.

you can check the run off and stuff i only do it around 3 times in a full flower period.

just make sure your bang on with nutrient amounts dude and you should be fine.

this is one of the things my friends killed his crop twice with so i got to learn less is ALOT more in hydro before i changed from soil :P

its so easy to burn them but on the flip side its also very easy to give them a flush compared to soil.

you will get beasty plants in rockwool mate hope its good for you

thanks potent mate, yeah ive seen some wicked results using them root riots, fast rooting times with cuttings etc,

last time i went to my hydro shop they had root it cubes and i thought they were just a rip off of root riots so i didnt get em.

im gunna have to get me some from fleabay ;)

thanks for stopping by guys


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Hey everyone, its a little update here. Day 1 il say

All 3 have popped above ground and have nice thickish stems so its all good

The cubes was soaked in rhizotonic at 1ml/ltr and a drop of superthrive,

ive now placed these fully under the flourocent light so they can get some sun.

i have little question tho , would i be better running these autos in a good soil or coco

medium or would they still be ok to put in a rockwool/clay pebble hydro system.

reason im asking is tokeage said when he put his auto supercriticals in the raised soilbed

in his room they became more like normal flowering strains in terms of time they took to finish.

Mabey i have got this wrong and they would still be same in hydro as they are in soil

just thought id ask.

heres some pics peeps.










i think i will tonight put a couple more auto bombs to soak so we will have a few more going

thanks to everyone for the kind words and stopping by upto yet,

will update more soon


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the more room u give the roots the longer they will take. but they will be way bigger and yeild more, so there is a trade off between time and weight. i went with a 10 gal pot(maybe overkill) with 100% coco for my autos and they seem to love it.

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Well if you planned to try them in hydro try them, perhaps they will love hydro andmake you some huuuge plant ;) Or they'll not like it maybe :P

Anyway those seedlings look good and healthy ;)

Have a good grow :bye:

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hey people its time for a little update here.

The little autos are fine, Ive decided to run 2 of the 3

in a home made bubble bucket setup ive made.

They are now in their new home and look sweet.

The other one ive put into a 8 inch pot with some real nice

organic soil with some clay pebbles in to help it stay oxygenated.

So we will see the overall difference in hydro vs soil in the same flower room.

Ive kept the hydro ones in the baby tent but i did place the soil autobomb outdoors in the lovely sun the last 2 days, its been so warm here, they hung out with 5 small cheeses and had a party ;)

The First Feed for the 2 Hydro AutoBombs i made up consisted of

a few mls of aqua vega, some rhizotonic, cannazyme Phd to 5.5.

il just keep hand watering em for now till the roots come out the bottom of the pots then il fill up the rez underneath and turn on the air stone and mister and stuff.

some pictures :D









Baby room Now.


Little auto in soil hanging out with some cheeses, and tomato


the soil plant has just been on water for now, till i get some soil food for em.

thats it for now people thanks for everyones kind words, and will update again v soon


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Nice babies man all your girls are looking ver good ^^

waiting to see what those outdoor auto will do hope mine will do good :)

Have a good grow thanks for the update ;)

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As Tokage says you've got a lovely class there, looks like they've all made an effort!

Saw a video of a test auto done in a bubble bucket by a guy called Stotty or Skotty, the plant loved it an absolute world beating beast emerged and the guy got 12 oz dry! I think he was using 2 x 300w fancy new LED panels.

Hope it goes that way for you too man!


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