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Scorro - Money Maker - 25/03/2012


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Im going to leave my comment for both "the Doctor & MM" in same thread. Im glad that you let us join you all grow thru. I have learned alot of new things just by following you. I also had something to compare my MM against in hydro. Sorry to hear about the mold part and lucky it was not that huge of a problem.

Have you checked the MM for mold? I had the start of mold on one MM bud before i fixed the humid problem and i know Fuzzy had some on his MM.

You been doing a great job and the feed test been succesful. Gratz on a soon to come harvest and we hope we see how the girls look naked with out leafs.

Thank you for sharing.

Thx toke! Its nice to see that you learned new things as the grow guru that you are. I checked all buds for mold but lucky to say that the rest of the buds are clean.

Peace :victory:

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