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this is a rewally nice grow but who ever said chemdog is unpleasent smelling i love it personally to me it reaks like tire rubber reminds me of when i was a kid my school had this playset that had tire swing sets to me its a really interesting combo its a og kush crossed with sour diesel but to me its odor leans more towards the diesel but the effects are more indica. where there is a strain like headband also a og kush sour diesel cross that odor leans more towards the kush but its effects are more sativa both are well rounded tho just one strain leans one way and the other in the other direction but both strains are great representations of what can be done marrying two such amazing strains as og kush and sour diesel

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Congratulation guys! Very nice job and very beautiful plants with fantastic colours.

But, i have a grow room of ( 1m. x 1m. x 2 m. ), and i have not the cooltube as you but the Ajust-a-Whing, so the top of the plants is in flowering stage about 15 cm from the light.

But if you have the cooltube and a grow box 2 meters height, you can grow the plants without use the LST, but grow to the height of 1,5 meters. 30 cm. of pot, 120 cm. of plant, and the rest space of 50 cm to use for the light.

For my experience, i have grow plants of about 1,50 meters in my grow room of 2 meters (without cooltube) !

Now i am growing some plants in a little grow room of 60 x 60 x 140 cm and now yes that i must grow the plants as your sistem.

What do you think about?



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I have started growing vhemdog, I am very excited now that i have seen your pics . I have a question do you remember how tall they where at 4 weeks? or have a picture? I am a little worried about hight, but if i can see the before and after . Im thinking i can get a ruff estimate for when i would like to start flower? thanks


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