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Auto Bomb - Outdoor test

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Strain Name:

Greenomatic x Big Bang auto

Very low (30 - 85 cm)


Bloom time:
>65 days from germination

Recommended period of cultivation
May - October

10% - 15%

Indoor production:
250 - 400gr/m

Outdoor production:
30 - 60gr/plant


Here start one of my new adventures and I appear with other culture method that I practice,the outdoor growing.

This time, cultivate the ground mother, after first making a hole in the ground and adding to this universal composana land, one of my pre-paid preferred substrates. For drainagewill use different size of gravel in the bottom of the hole to try to get proper drainage.

The holes have a capacity of approximately 8 - 10 l between substrate and drainage.

Also, of course, the lunar calendar is used in all tasks possible.

I have especially curious about this new strain of the labor autoflowering Green House.The autoflowering I left a thorn for the first time that I have not cultivated and replantedmore. That if I have to say that the fault was entirely mine by treating them asnon-autoflowering varieties, practicing 3 transplants to Auto Deimos, which I threw all thegigs done. This time, there will once germinated trasplantes.Una a jiffy and will rise ashead onto the ground.

The range of fertilizers to be used will HESI, with all its entire range.

This is a first post to go rolling a joint and start a new journey on the house.

I do not want to dismiss this introduction, not to thank the entire team of Green House, especially Jose, Fran and Mr.X, who are doing a spectacular job here and on the Cannabiscafe.

Cheers and enjoy this new adventure thumb.gif

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Day 1

The seeds have already had his first minute of life.

They have been hydrating for 24 hours, with water osmosis with the following formulation:

  • osmotic water
  • 2.5 ml/l hesi root complex
  • 1 drop/20cl peroxide
  • EC 0.08mS
  • pH 6.5
  • 19 ° c water temperature

After these 24 hours, the step to germinate between wet napkins placed between a deep container as an plate and another small flat dish to make "lid".the water that wet napkins, it is the collection of the container where they have remained in hydration.

the result past 18 h is this:




I hope to upload some pictures of the area under cultivation in the near future. last Saturday I went to cut all the small pine trees which had grown since last year and only I need to drill the holes to plant them.

The site is fantastic, will be below the Sun from 8 in the morning until an hour before sunset, which assures me, at this time we are, who will receive a minimum of 10 hours of direct sun.

The guidelines which have been taken on biodynamic, have been the following:

I have hydrated seeds the first day of moon descendente.On the time of hydration, the Moon was growing, close quarter, in the morning, in ascending the morning tide and root day period. the reason for choosing day root to hydrate, is simply because it is what I want to start to develop, the small seed radicle.

On the other hand, have gone to germinate on flower day, in the morning, Moon descending and ascending during the tide and growing matinal.el end of use the flower days only for this crop is because in a short time will be ready to harvest plants and I want to encourage everything that I possible that part of the plant, the flowers.

In nothing back with new photos of the rootlets and the passage of newly germinatedseeds jiffy.

Greetings and good smoke thumb.gif

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Day 1 - Continued .......

The seeds are ready to be passed jiffy. This is what they look like seeds after 24 hours ofgermination.




Now a couple of pictures of the jiffys. These jiffys are the smallest out there. For the cuttings do not like a lot, then they lack substrate to the clones, but to germinate seeds if I like, and it is with the only thing I use, I'm going by removing the off sisi_rie.gif



The jiffys are within a small propagator and abroad. Spend a week on the terrace of the house, leaving them in direct sunlight gradually so as not to kill them.

Soon they're all sticking his head, so I do not think long before I upgrade again.

Greetings and good smoke


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"looks like a mini monster with a eye! Staring me down and want to eat my soul..."

Lolol you should go slower on the LSD stamps ero-sennin hihi ;)

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Dust: ;)

Fuzzy: Thanks man.

mopman: Thanks man. I will buy a canon EOS reflex on may or june. The pics will be more nice ;)

tokage: hahaha,yes,she seems a mini monster with one eye LOL

Dust: hahahahaha,STOP tokage,you don't licking more stamps LOL

Greetings for all

Day 3

Very good fellow, this is luxury. 3-3 seeds germinated, and some even poking born andradicle in 2 days.

I am very happy to be part of the testers and members of both the coffee and of StrainHunters, and if moreover, good plants out, for even more.

Some pics to see the state meet, already looking forward to putting them on the guerrillas, that if it rains, I believe that by Thursday morning I will perform the transplant.

Auto Bomb #1



Auto Bomb #2


Auto Bomb #3


They are seen very healthy and looking forward, see if we are surprised or not.

This is very brief, outdoor crops are not like the indoors, where I usually follow up with themultitude of data and graphics.

The outside is going to be more focused on biodynamic, although external data should be provided with maximum precision that is in my hands.

Greetings and see you soon.

P. S.


If you see that your joint smells like nail, make you another thumb.gif

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mopman: I'm happy that you're liked the photos

tokage: Yes tokage. The jiffys are small discs of peat dehydrated. Work as peat.

Day 10

Hi all,

are small and the guerrillas on Saturday and they seem is laying great. Today I went totake some pictures for the monitoring and after two days in the sun, all follow up.

At the end of the autobomb the plant in a pot of 30 liters filled halfway or so, I figure there will be between 15 and 18L of substrate.

When digging the holes found a lot of ground stone and clay and compact enough. I made the holes a little bigger than expected to give the roots a substrate where they arecomfortable.

At the bottom of the hole, put a layer about 5 cm of crushed stone like those seen in the photos. Then the substrate to fill the hole, without pressing down, but breaking up theblocks of land that was inside the bag, to allow the most spongy substrate possible. They went about 10L of substrate in each hole. The soil used to fill the holes is COMPOSANAUniversal.

After filling the holes, fill with a 5cm layer of earth to remove the hole around the rim of fabric. This I made a V shape to pick up a little better rainwater.

The inside of the ring material was left with Universal COMPOSANA so that water is absorbed better around the trunk.

Finally, another layer of crushed rock bit capping the substrate and to maintain a littlemoisture in the substrate.

Irrigation in the time of transplantation did it with the following mixture:

  • Osmotic water
  • 5ml/l HESI Root complex
  • 0.4ml/l CANNA MONO Magnesium
  • 0.35ml/l CANNA MONO Calcium
  • pH 6.5
  • Ec 0.35mS
  • Water temperature 19.5ºC

For outdoor fabrics I like to use these green plastic, with holes of 2 x 2, for guiding a littlelower branches and try to get a little more performance.

The mesh is like the one pictured.


Cut a piece of mesh of 80 x 50cm and is a cylinder that can be wired to close thecylinder, bearing in mind that once finished the cylinder height is 50cm.

With this simple protection against small animals that might snack our plants, we also have a wide range of possibilities when the lower branches get older and want to map.

With 5 to 7 cm buried in the substrate, is sufficient to prevent it from falling.

Here are photos of small.




And here I leave the area cultivo.Se Canabisland want to spend your partner that he had to sweat a lot to prepare his guerrilla thumb.gif








To prepare the guerrillas, cut all they could do small pines shade the plants, leaving allthe low forest as rosemary and thyme to "hide" a little if it is to detect crop above.

To access the guerrillas inside, there are some small pine trees that make top in the entrance, pass through the middle of small pines and walk about 20 feet betweenbushes, rosemary and thyme.

Can enjoy the sun from 8 - 8:30 am to one hour before the sun sets.

And like my life is not all grass grow, I'll leave some curious photos this morning, on the way to the guerrillas.

This first one I called "the tiger's leap" hahaha2.gif


In the following, you can see the legs of the bee pollen impregnated with these flowers that I have no idea how they are called. That if are very nice.







This is all,people, external traces will not be as extensive as those inside, but try asthey please others.

Greetings and good smoke rasta2bigsmoke0gf.gif

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as told in spanish part, your an artist man, amazing pictures ;)

I wish you all the best for your outdoor test :)

Have a good grow

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man thats crazy its literally just rolling around in the shit i wonder why they do that obviously the bee doesent have a clue about pollenation but im wondering what drives it to just roll around in that stuff. great shots tho what type of camera are you using?

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they do that to collect the pollen to make your honey man, they bring it back to home, and shake their assand stock it ;)

I think they know a lot more than us about polenisation hehe

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Nice grow, I have some Auto Bombs under LEDs indoors but will shortly plant some outdoors guerilla style alogn with some Ice Dreams that will go the full season.

Good luck with your grow.


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