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Hello family and thanks a lot for comment and good energys!! Let´s GO!!!

Strain Hunters Live - Swaziland - day 1

Greetings family, here we are again with all our pleasure to tell you every day of this new adventure, for me, the first thing I want to do is to thank you for your confidence in my work and to be with you is this new trip.

This is my third expedition as a photographer of Strain Hunters and I hope to show you more information than ever, because experience is so difficult to acquire and now I have some.

This time we go to a small country in southern Africa, Swaziland!

We have a long plane ride to go, almost eleven hours from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, I have to come to the Netherlands a few days before to work with the team in the office and prepare the logistics of the trip.

Last night came the other camera team, this time there are some changes in equipment and new colleagues, I will introduce them with time, but from the beginning we understood very well. We went early to bed to rest and get some energy, we had to wake up early.

At six o'clock the alarm goes off and we are on the way to the airport, as always it is a mess... items of luggage, suitcases, computers, cameras ... we must be careful not to damage the delicate material. After waiting our turn we finally boarded and began our long journey.

Most of them fall asleep after a few hours, it costs me a lot, so I dedicate myself to take some photos and short videos of the team. Through the window of the plane you can see a beautiful lightning storm. The first day I use compact camera that I have, as they use to give me troubles with the other camera, and do not let me take pictures but with the compact camera and putting a face like a fool I am safed. I still get warning not to take any pictures from the other passengers of the flight, just out the window. But I have enough. So it's time to see a movie on the plane and let the time run.

Finally we arrived, we have broken the ass and the rest of the body, the more anxious as Franco and I, have serious problems to withstand the urge to smoke any longer, so we went with luggage carts rushed like a race LOL! The best of all is, as usual, we had nothing to smoke, it is very dangerous and could screw up the trip by some splifts so we only have cigarettes, pff ....

Franco makes magic and before reaching the door of the taxi has contacted to two natives, do not know how, but he got a bit of grass, great! This guy has contacts up in hell and if not he does them in two seconds.

We go directly to the hotel, some beers, a couple of joints and rest, we still have far to go, but for now we will overnight here. I hope that tomorrow you follow us on our adventure, let’s start the party!

Greetings, Mr.X.

Saludos familia, aquí estamos de nuevo con toda nuestra ilusión para contaros el día a día de esta nueva aventura, por mi parte lo primero que quería era agradecer de nuevo la confianza depositada en mi para esta maravillosa labor.

Esta es mi tercera expedición como fotógrafo de los Strain Hunters y espero poder mostraros mas contenidos que nunca, ya que de algo tiene que valer la experiencia que tanto cuesta de adquirir.

Esta vez nos vamos a un pequeño país en el sur de Africa, Swazilandia!

Nos espera un largo trayecto en avión de casi once horas desde Amsterdam a Johannesburgo, yo he llegado unos días antes a Holanda para poder trabajar con el equipo en la oficina y preparar la logística del viaje.

Ayer por la noche llegaron el resto de cámaras, esta vez hay algunos cambios en el equipo y nuevos compañeros de trabajo, ya os los presentaré con tiempo, pero desde el inicio conectamos muy bien. Nos fuimos a dormir pronto para poder descansar y madrugar con un poco de energía.

A las seis de la mañana suena el despertador y nos dirigimos hacia el aeropuerto, como siempre es un lio el tema de equipaje, maletas con ordenadores, cámaras…hay que tener cuidado con no estropear el delicado material. Después de las esperas de tuno, por fin embarcamos y empieza nuestro largo trayecto.

La mayoría se duermen al cabo de unas horas, a mi me cuesta mucho, así que me dedico a hacer algunas fotos y pequeños vídeos al resto del equipo. Por la ventana del avión se puede apreciar una preciosa tormenta eléctrica. El primer día utilizo la cámara compacta que llevo, ya que con la grande siempre me dan problemas, y no me dejan hacer fotos, con la compacta y poniendo un poco de cara de tonto pasan de ti. Aun así me advierten durante el vuelo que no haga fotos de los otros pasajeros solo por la ventana. Pero ya tengo suficientes. Así que es tiempo de ver una peli en el avión e ir haciendo tiempo.

Por fin llegamos, tenemos el culo roto y el resto del cuerpo, los mas ansiosos como Franco y yo tenemos serios problemas para aguantar las ganas de fumar ni un minuto más, así que salimos con los carritos de maletas a toda prisa como si fuera una carrera LOL! Lo mejor de todo es como es normal no llevábamos nada para fumar, pues es muy peligroso y podríamos joder la expedición por unos porros así que solo tenemos cigarros, puff….

Franco hace magia y antes de llegar a la puerta del taxi ha contactado a dos nativos, no sé ni como, y a pilado un poco de hierba, aleluya!! Este tío tiene contactos hasta en el infierno y si no los hace en dos segundos.

Nos vamos directos al hotel, unas cervecitas, un par de porros y a descansar, que todavía nos queda mucho por delante, pero por ahora haremos noche aquí. Espero que mañana nos sigáis acompañando en nuestra aventura, que empieza la fiesta!

Saludos, Mr.X.

...more photos coming....





















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awesoooome south africa SWIZALAND here they come :fans:

Man thanks for this first update, lol at franco finding weed everywhere, good to have him with you in holidays then :D

I hope everything will be cool and that we will see some fields very wuick :D

Stay safe guys have a good sleep and road.

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Less than six months have passed since our last expedition in Jamaica, and here we are ready to go again. It's the most exciting feeling, the one that doesn't let me sleep at night for the anticipation. This time we head to Africa; Swaziland, to be precise. The mission: to retrieve the original genetics of the legendary Swazi landrace.

The crew arrived in Amsterdam on the previous days from different locations, and we spent the whole day on wednesday checking the equipment and testing the cameras and the hard disks.

I didn't sleep much last night, and woke up early this morning to finish packing my last things. It is very challenging to organize the equipment and personal effects in an efficient and effective way for such an expedition. We try to keep our personal items to a minimum in order to spare weight for the heavy equipment (hard disks, radios, batteries, GoPro cameras and accessories, tripods, microphones and sound equipment). My backpack weighs 14 kilograms when I am done packing.

Arjan picks me up with a Taxi early morning, and we head to the airport. There we meet the rest of the crew, excluding Simon who is already waiting for us in Swaziland.

Cristian, Alessio e Andrea form the film-crew for this expedition. Cristian worked with us during the past 3 expeditions, Alessio and Andrea are new to Strain Hunters but they work with Cristian for many years and the three of them form a very tight crew. All of them have several experiences shooting documentaries in rough parts of Africa. We will see how they will fit in our mission. MrX is the official photographer, he was already with us during the last two expeditions and proved to be a great photographer and a really funny character to travel with. I am glad he's with us again for this trip.

After checking in our luggage we smoke some weed outside the terminal building and we crack some jokes and take some nice pictures. We try to get our spirits ready for the long flight to Johannesburg, because it's not a short one. We clear passport control, then we enjoy some breakfast and do some shopping before heading to the gate for the security check. Surprisingly we have to pass through a full body-scan before boarding, a procedure normally reserved for flights to the USA but now randomly applied to all intercontinental flights departing from Schiphol airport.

Our flight is almost 11 hours long, and all during the daytime. Long story...

I managed to reserve seats with very good legroom, so at least we are not too uncomfortable. Take off is sharp on time, and soon the seatbelt sign is turned off and the entertainment system is turned on. I spend the entire flight watching movies, reading, and planning for the mission ahead. Airplane food sucks, but I am hungry and I eat everything they serve me. After several drinks the time starts flowing faster. After 8 hours in the plane I start to seriously need a smoke. I manage to get a little bit of "semi-sleep", also known as "airplane-coma". Finally we land in Johannesburg, at around 22:30 local time.

We collect our luggage and we clear customs, then we head outside to look for the shuttle bus that will take us to our hotel. A bunch of local hasslers and luggage-porters surrounds us, and I immediately realize this is a great chance to score some quick bud. After all we really need it, because we have nothing to smoke with us and we have to spend a night here in Johannesburg before heading off to Swaziland tomorrow morning. I quickly ask some of the hasslers and they run off on a mission to score some weed for me. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the shuttle bus and to load all our staff, then we start driving. At this point I am alost thinking it's not going to happen, when I see the two hasslers running towards the shuttle bus, screaming and waving their arms. I beg the driver to stop, I jump out and run towards the guys. They scored some weed for me! It's incredible, it all happened in a few minutes, right outside the airport!

I pay them 200 Rands (around 20 Euros) for around 5 grams of decent outdoor from the Transkei, then I jump back in the shuttle bus and get a funny look from the driver. The crew is happy, now we have something to smoke to relax from the long fight before going to sleep! The drive to the Hotel is quick. We check in, drop our bags in the rooms and go down to the bar for a few beers. We smoke some weed just outside the lobby, on the terrace of a closed pub. The quality of the bud is mediocre, but right now it's really a saver. I enjoy the harsh taste, and I get really high; I feel the length of day now; I need some good sleep.

Tomorrow we head to Swaziland.

The hunt is on...

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Nice man lol @ the airplane coma!

Hope you guys will have a good time, thanks for the updates and have a good sleep :)

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Amazing Guy's :D

I'm already glued to my seat!

well written as always Franco and lovely pics as usual Mr.X

Congrats on the Score too mediocre bud is better than no bud hehe

Nice to hear you'r still using the GoPro's!

Sweet vid Mr.X and Awesome choice of music Jose fits like a glove :)

Sounds like this is going to be quite the Expedition

Looking forward to tomorrow's post already!

Good Luck and Stay Safe


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Swaziland - nice ! Airplane is about the worst way to travel for longer than say 4 to 6 hours it can be a drag. Good idea to book the seats in front for the legs. Anyway it is the fastest by far. There is nothing like smoking the typical outdoor weed in another country. Quality is not so important for some reasons. At least that is how I remember that from Jamaica. The first joint always is the best - bringing a smile so broad I could eat a small banana sideways..lol

Restore your batteries and tomorrow it's on. Not so far to Swaziland. By plane again ? Nice meeting Simon. He is a good guy !

Massel !

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Sweet!!! The hunt is on .... Good luck my friend and have a great time whit the team :D .. Looking forward to some amazing photos from Mr X :).



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Fantastic friends! The adventure is underway!

We really want to see Swazi, teach to the last detail please!

Hugs for all equipment, are the best! :superblue:

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