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super critical harvest

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Very nice autos man, it seems like they'll have a fair yeild per plants, good job :)

When temperatures are higher and dryer in summer i leave the leaves too, makes the plant dry slower :)

Very nice man congratz

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@ weedoodle. not autos they r the reg super critical

My mistake dude...

Not got a clue where I got auto's from lol...

Some sweet looking bushes I hope for a good smoke..


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Hey bozoph, always nice to see your work, those plants look beautifull , especialy -as tokage said- a full ceiling of 'em!

Always going back to that question as i see manicuring-drying-curing as maybe the most important step of the grow but you say by letting more leaves on more chlorophyl can be destroyed?

An other question if you let the sugar leaves on you're ready to loose lots of bubble hash?

Thanks a lot and congrats on your work, you should enter a competition someday as you keep on pulling quality plant after quality plant, i dont know what it is whith US growers but you and SSH really represent!


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@ ghost. ya leaving the suger leaves on till dry slowes the drying.the slower the better.

and no u dont loose bubble hash. u trim once dry. u may end up with more cuz u can trim tighter on a dry nug then a wet 1.


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