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California to FREE THE WEED

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Guest guest
In November of this year (2010) The State of California will ballot on whether to legalize the weed. It is already available for medical purposes - which is greatly abused, but in November - The Sunshine State - which is broke(skint) and has saw public services cut to 3 day weeks WILL ballot to LEGALIZE WEED - This is primarily as a revenue raiser but also as many say that cannabis has an unfair reputation.

The rest of The United States and indeed The World will be watching this and cutting their cloth accordingly.

If the ballot to FREE THE WEED is succesful in California I predict changes worldwide within the next few years.

Against the idea is MADD (mothers against drunk drivers)who say traffic accidents would increase tenfold but that has been quickly shot down by law enforcement who say that smokers are often more perceptive drivers and having a smoke does not compare with being a drunk driver.

The vote will be given to all Cali residents

Would be great to hear a response and more information from users of this site from 'California'

This information I heard listening to BBC radio 5 live between 5.30am and 6am on 20th April 2010
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Guest samuelo
VOTE YES ON PROP 19 - so says San Jose Police Chief (ret.) Joseph McNamara

San Jose Police Chief (ret.) Joseph McNamara

Vote YES and this not only opens it up to Cali but the world will follow suit. DO IT
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Guest samuelo
Proposition 19 (Marijuana Legalization

80% of votes

Result Votes Percentage

No 2,797,169 56.1

Yes 2,317,458 43.9%

Total votes 5,114,627 100.00%

So prop 19 is a close one but unfortunately this time around its no go. It seems that there was a lack of 18-39 year old voters.

However hopefully Legaliazing the weed will be back on the agenda in 2 years time so the fight will go on and if at first you dont succeed try try and try again

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They didnt pass it you guys!!!! The government put too much pressure on the state and Arnold isnt gov. any more! That was a sad day for me, I thought that we were going to inovate the country. Instead were right back to where we were, when will the government understand that alcohol is 100% worse than cannabis?

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