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HC01 Auto-Bomb Official Test 11/04/2012


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Auto-Bomb Official Teste

First I would like to thank Green House Seeds, for to produce the best seeds.

Franco and Fuzzy for trusting me and put me on the list of Tester.

And the moderators Romeo and Dusty for support.

Thank you very much!

It's my first test, and I'm here to learn and not to teach

for so I can fix any errors.

But is not my first crop, already growing sativas South American strains.

Peace to all !









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MAAAN for sure that is the best looking introduction i've seen! gret job thanks for the hard work :)

I hope this grow will go well but i'm pretty confident you'll make them pretty ;)

Have a good grow i'll be following the updates :)

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Nice graphics BUT I cannoit read what is on your chart on graphic 1..at least not everything. So could you please explain the basics - soil + lights ?

Thanks.. Keep on the good work.

BTW just noticed that I got an AB too (which I always thought was a Jack Herer). The Jack smells better, has bigger broader leaves and is in general healthier. I like the AB a lot, but the thick leave development might turn negative once they start flowering. The growing is too compact, they might not get tall enough to yield real big fat dense buds. So you best give it a lot of blue Grow lights for the VEG.

It might end up as a midget plant that looks good with lots of flowers, leaves etc. but nothing much left to smoke..

Maybe it is my fault, but the structure seems to be that way.

I noticed the Auto Bomb is not available at GHS anymore. whatÄ's up with that ?

BTW Time Table is flexible . Mine is close to 40 days + no signs of Pre flowering yet. maybe they still need a kick start and 12/12 HPS lights...

Good luck mate !

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damn man this is on nice lookng report so far i cant wait to get to see your set up led's are bomb ive been visiting my buddy's grow who only runs led's and cfl and the buds just love it every batch ive seen from him i drool over i dont no if its the lights being at the right setting to really bring out the crystals out but he also uses a regiment of additives im pretty sure there all organic but its like rediculous he spends in my opinion way to much money on additives but i guess hes doing sometihing right because he gets results like you wouldent believe.

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man as last time i'm stumbled lol, it is some awesoome work there, very precise, and very nice pictures very clear, really pro work could be on the grow session video lol

Those little bombs seems to be doing well man, keep them growing strong :)

Have a good grow

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It is not only nice to view but you also manage to get the text right. Sometimes it is hard to see when your eye´s is not the best when members add text to the photos. Keep it up my friend.

Thank you my friend, you can correct me if necessary ok!


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Amazing updates once again lol, i'm gonna qay that during your all grow so get used to it ;)

love those baby pics, i'm ashamed i feel a little like a pedophile usually i like them older :girlcrazy: , but it's ok i'll come through it :P

Thanks for the update

Have a great grow and good luck for your repoting

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