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Amsterdam Report!

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Alright i'd started a damn huge post but after typing backspace the browser went to the previous page and it fucked my text...

On the other hand you guys might not have wanted to read 3 days of amsterdam in details so i'll keep this new post brief, if you guys need some more detailled amsterdam stories i'll be glad to make a longer post, explaining coffee after coffee how it went as i did in my first attempt of a post...

During this trip in Dam i've tried:

From Barneys: Utopia Haze, Dr grinspoon, Blue cheese, Tangerine dream, Liberty haze and Vanilla Kush.

All those strains are primo bud! Utopia haze, tangerine dream and liberty haze had something similar to them as far as taste, tangerine was more of an indica than the first two. Very sweet and strong taste, my favorite of those might have been the utopia haze, but i'll smoke any of them anyday..

Grinspoon was a delicious gingery smoke, a very pleasant exhale. The high was a sativa one for sure, very hyper, but not an instant hitter though...

Vanilla Kush was good , a tasty smoke but not the best Kush i've smoked to be honnest.

Blue Cheese is part of my next setup for sure. The best cheese i've smoked in my life, even though she's not the strongest weed her taste is so unique that i'll need to have some in my jar!

From Grey Area: Chocolope, Chiesel, Kandy kush, L.A Woman, Headband.

I was a little dissapointed with the weed from Grey area this time but hey shit happen as they say. Dont missunderstand me though those weed were good weed but nothing amazing as you're used to when buying in grey area.

Kandy kush was the only bud that stand out to me. A really powerfull smoke with a particular taste, you can taste the trainwreck more than the kush but it's still is way different than trainwreck. Instant hitter, very indica but like the trainwreck is. Not a couchlock indica.

Just a word on the bud tender at grey area wich might be the owner. big props to that guy! His coffe shop's for real and he's a legit bud lover!

From Green House: Exodus cheese, Moby dick, Kalashnikova, Chocolope (also smoked some Hawaiaan snow and Malana cream)

I was a little dissapointed with the green house menu to say the truth. Taking off the panama haze to introduce chocolope was a bad decision to me. Chocolope isnt in the GH catalog and they sell that strains in many coffee shops in amsterdam. I wish they'd bring back green crack instead of chocolope since this strain is nowhere to be found in dam. My point is i go to GH coffee shop to try their strains, if you sell something that's not in your catalog at least try to be original!

I was happy to find moby dick on the menu but wasnt impressed with the smoke, the chocolope was ok and the kalashnikova interesting but nothing amazing.

I really liked the high of exodus cheese, it had been a while since a weed made me laugh so much :)

To be trully honnest i hope i'll do a better job with my moby and cheese as far as taste goes cause all the GH weed (except the hawaiaan snow) we're really poor comparison to barney's products.

Barney's haze were a thousand time tastier than the moby dick, the blue cheese is a million time better than the exodus (in amsterdam at least) as i said only the hawaiian snow was GH legit.

Malana use to be one of my favorite hash but i've passed by Tweede Kamer and try an other nepalese that's amazing and sold at 16/G instead of 20/G...

Finally (and you all know i'm a Gh lover) i was really dissapointed by the staff at GH, we were treated like shit several time in all three Gh! Most bud tender are pro's and nice guys bud the waitresses are the worst cunt ever, i dont mind to be a cunt myself but the girl who works at namaste is the worst waitress i ever met in my entire life, and one at the GH centrum come close second (and that statement come from a second bad experience with the one chick at namaste and a repetition of bad experience at green house centrum!)

Now i had an argument with one of barney's dealer and couldnt say that they're different as far as commercialism goes but overall their product was superior and their service much much much better! (Big props to that spanish bud tender in the barneys from harlemeer straat, the only bud tender i've seen cuttin the branches out of the bud so you would pay for actual weed!!! He gave me the name of a good spanish rap band as well.)

From Tweede Kamer: Martian mean green, Nepalese hash

I loved that place 10/15 seats. The first time i went there i had a nice discussion with both bud tender. The man was really honnest telling me that he was not sure whether or not MMG was from DNA seeds. I still bought a J and was really happy with the smoke. A nice rushy high, instant hitter, with a pepery/minty taste.

I spoke about hash with the women explaining her what i liked, and she advised me the best nepalese i've smoke in dam.It really remind me some of the hash i've smoked in asia and i'm almost sure this one came from there...

So far malana from Gh was my favorite, but at 16/G the neapalese from tweede kamer is even tastier i believe. The Gh nepalese smells like mango but when you smoke it it burns like fuels. The one from tweede kamer taste exactly how it smells, a very delicate smoke.

This place is a must go for all "bulldog type of coffee" haters!

Form The 420: Nycd

Even though it didnt tasted anything like the nycd i was smoking a few years ago, it still was some really tasty weed. a very flowery smoke. The high was very mild, something i didnt dislike in amsterdam.

Again this coffe shop was one i discovered during the trip but it became with the doors, Tweede kamer , hill street blues on the market, and green place (not for too long though) the few places i'll hang out in amsterdam...

From Green Place: GFK (Ghost face Kush) OGK, Pineapple Kush, Lemon Larry

I'd never been to this place and what a fucker i'd been , this place is legit, the people friendly without being to "salesman like" and the weed is the shit!

Lemon larry felt like bitting a piece of lemon, for all of you lemon lover try the lemon larry she's a really good smoke!

Ogk was lemony too but more a lemon candy than natural lemon, it remind me of that old NYCD, a really powerfull smoke too..

GFK was evens tronger than the OGK but i'm all about taste and i felt like her earthhy taste was nothing comparable to that lemon candy and sticked with the OG for the rest of the trip after trying a spliff of each.

Pineapple Kush is THE SHIT! I tend to stay away from those exotic name, and wont ever try the "desert eagle" or the "Kobe Bryant Dick" if you know what i mean. I had a bill of ten and bought half a g of that and damn that joint was like OGK + Morisson haze put together, one of the best weed i've smoked in my entire life dont miss it!!!

From The Doors: Morrison Haze

I'll never give enough props to Potent. I still rememeber sitting in front of him at the GH lounge asking him "what would you recommend me to buy in the area". He said panama haze and morisson haze, i've never smoked better haze ever since!

I couldnt leave amsterdam without smoking a joint of morrison, and she didnt dissapoint me at all. I though barney haze would be the sweetest thing i would smoke but the morrison haze is even sweeter than those, really wish they put it in a seed form, a must smoke for haze lover or sweet tastes!

That's pretty much it guys, again i didnt mind to bach on GHSC but i was really dissapointed both with their weed and mostly their services. They want to make something different as a brand, being closer to the customer and respect the fact that weed buisness aint like any other buisness and you do feel that on the web site.

My post might not make a difference but at least you guys will know: if yuo go at the green house namaste dont even adress the blond cunt!

Grey area,Green place, Tweede Kamer,The Doors, The 420 all have amazing weed at much better prices than Barneys and Green house, and they're much nicer to chill.

The Hill street blues on the market is really nice as well but havent tried their stuff.

Peace out!

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very nice report man!! if that is the small, what would have been the big one lolol ;)

Too bad to hear about the bad experiences with personal in the coffee, but you ain't the first to say it so there must be some truth, I say, they should hire me and my gf in the cofee and that would be a damn smiling place, even the smilliest place in dam!! Amen :rabbi:

Beside that ^^ Very nice report on the weeds, i'll definitly have a lok at it again before going to dam for my first time and see what you quoted ;)

Thanks for the detailed report man,

Have a good smoke

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My goodness, so many different strains in such a short time 1 couldn't even hold them apart after the third J I guess, but then I never ever bought more tan say 3 different types of hash and a bag of weed, when I was frequenting Dam 2 and 3 decades ago.. Things have changed a lot.. I think the best coffee shops to chill are usually those with only a few selected sorts on the menu and far from those bee-stacks, where people rush in like McD's. Esp. the Hill Street Blues is the number one chill out/hang out next only to the Last Waterhole..


You guys should try The Blue Bird. it is pretty crowded at times, go in the morning early afternoon and hang out for hours They, got a more than average menu, but the shop is clean, big and professional organized. It is nice to stay there.

Look for shops with good and very crowded Billard tables. those are usually great hang outs, too. Esp. when you are not in the mood to spend a lot of money Not everybody comes to Dam for a weekend with a big bag of cash to spend on Dro !

Another good ide is leaving the centrum and head out beyond Haarlemer Plein to the left - direction Vondel Park or Leidse Plein, De Beers and check the more local red lights/coffeeshop scene. You might get some amazing stuff, nobody else got and you are in a bar with more locals than americans , which is often a pleasure..

There re hundreds of coffeeshops; so after checking the main suppliers and big names go strain hunting the local way.

Take your time and stay from say thiursday to tuesday or longer - you might get a whole different vibe then.

Good report GhostdoG...

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I liked the blue bird, they're amnesia haze was tasty but as you said the place was a little packed.

My coffee shop marathon mainly relied on the list given by admin, i would disagree with his classement but i was glad to be introduce to Tweede Kamer for example ;)

It seems like a lot of strains but a trip to dam is also a mission to figure out what i'll grow next. Rather than buying G's of weed i like buyng 1/2g or 5 euros to try as many strains and then buy an extra G of my favorites...

By rolling smaller joint i dont overload my system so to say and i can enjoy the different taste... I'll stick with two strain a day or so to fully appreciate their high in my next trip as i pretty much figured out my favorite coffe shops...

I really wish i could get into those smaller joints you're speaking of but they're hard to find, admin you've got to give us the name of those good small coffees!

I'm glad you appreciate the report :)

Let's keep on building a good data base, our community is dope!


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I'll trust you and and will grow the exodus cheese someday, i really liked the high of the exodus, it made me laugh a lot and i felt really nice. As you said the blue cheese is more of a pure indica but i love her taste!

Waitress were sweet to you either because of you judge pass or you swedish sex appeal, but trust me it wasnt canabis cup time and they were less then friendly (some were but that blond chick at the namaste is horrible and she already was there at htcc and wasnt friendlier at all!)

I always try to behave in dam, i dont smoke j in the street (except if i've shroomed) i dont fall asleep in the coffee shops take tens of papers or start shouting... I proud myself of being as polite and respectfull as one can be and being treated this way is really painfull to me.

I just hope Gh ca bring their "quality control" back on track, it use to be my favorite coffe shop now it's far from there... I know the demand is huge but other coffe shop maintain a high standard, if GH cant do so they should lower their prices, the most expensive weed at the green place was 13.5/G you know how high Gh price can get...

Dont get me wrong i still love gh but i really hope they change something with their coffe shop that arent a good publicity for their strain in my eyes. I'm a novice grower and grow better weed than what they sell in dam. I'm found of trainwreck and had bought my seeds based on the old GH quality but as i said my next purchase will be a pack of blue cheese seeds... I still will try many of the gh catalog but that experience put them a few steps back in my list... If the exodus had had just a little more taste i would have consider it since i really enjoyed the high...

Barneys weed had amazing taste and for that reason i'll go with their genetic, i dont want to repeat myself but people were queing at barneys as well and their weed was still amazing...


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lolol barney is gh contrary they have good coffee weed but crappy seeds :P

Hihi kidding ( a little :rabbi: )

For real? Have you been dissapointed with their seeds? Man dont have me buying some blue cheese and finding their seeds sucks :fie:


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Lol no i don't think blue cheese has much problem, but otherwise my friends has grown 2 or 3 times barney and each time had week phenos of they didn't germinate on vanilla kush and violator kush, i only hear bad things about tangerine dream, so it seems some of their genetics got problems, or they don't store their seeds well i don't know lol.

But it is still a big company i'm sure they still have a load of genetics that are worth trying, blue cheese i only hear good about it, i think it's tok that grew it and like it ^^

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The judges pass is 50 euro and that is fair, all I need to know is IF there still is the option to simply visit the EXPO for 20 Euros per day like last year ?

Any ideas how to find that out in advance ?

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