The Last Joint

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I have a feeling inside,

As am looking up at the sky

Tonight's my last night

so am smoking the last joint

with the stars that seem alien

And all around me these mammalians

So I pray to my god, to please bring down the damn rod

Coz, I don't wanna burn in hell, for the sake of that someone

who never wanted me to smoke pot

And am not afraid to say this again

tonight's my last night,

So am smoking the last joint.

What is wrong I don't know

What is right i don't care

But what it is, I'll set right here tonight.

And what was that you said last time

that it's ecstasy that gives you the high

But this weed of mine gives me relief from the pain & sorrow that i've received.

So i thought I'll let you know

How does it feel to smoke one last time,

But here I die as I try rolling one last time.

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hmm feel nice to have some poetry back on the forum :)

Is thise text from you?

Tokage love that song :)

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yup wrote i wrote it....hardly write nowadays since i dont get time to be alone...n usually i like to write when i am alone and have a lot of stuff with me to smoke. !!! :)

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