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INCREDIBLE ! Don't mean to tell you what to do but that high amber concentration may be too much of a good thing 45 to 50 percent is about the highest I heard of, actually 30% is already pretty long - I hope you know what you doing - if not 100 % sure cut down one at 35 5 or so and check,

Where are the X-perts ?

It would be a shame if these nice buds would turn into sleeping pills..lol

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Yeah i think like bam, do you wish to cut at 80% because it is your wish and your sure about that? cause that's pretty high amount, if 80% are ambered, a lot of the others will be already black and THC will start to degrade.

Good luck

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Basically I want it to have the most couch lock knock you out make you drool all over yourself effect.

Yeah I do know the longer you let it go the more the THC degrades, basically I am going to play it by ear for the next few weeks.

She will not come down any eariler than this Saturday but I am still shooting for the next 2 weeks or so. We shall see.

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ok as long as you are awre it works for me ;)

Be careful to not let too many trichome "die" ;) Good luck with that futur couchlock ;)

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Okay, I went out and bought a more powerful lighted scope today to get a better look at my trichs.

And what I found is that my trichs are around 30% amber actually red!!! :girlcrazy:

So I am thinking of only letting her go till this Saturday. That will be eight weeks exactly.

I cant believe how fast this plant matured. I was expecting another week or two but I will be very happy to cut her this weekend.

I will post a few pictures of the final plant before i cut her.

:gamer: :gamer: :gamer:

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yeah hose sour diesel plants look incredible, you can really see the likeness to both chemdawg and headband in those cola's which is pretty cool. what seed company are these sour diesel's from i definatly wanna get my hands on some of those beans as soon as possible.. great work as well!

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@greeno: I've just cutted some sour diesel from DNA and i really recomend it, she tasted great after 3/4 days of drying...

I'll post pictures very soon , tent will be empty by the end of the week :P

Cant wait to see your baby cutted, 8 week was fast indeed!


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Okay, she is chopped down but I didn't get a chance to take any new pictures. I will how ever post a few pictures this weekend when i weigh everything up. I am guessing at least 9 oz's. I will also post a video of me making some dry ice hash out of the sugar leafs. :)

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Sorry guys no pics. camera was dead but we got everything chopped down and trimmed up.

Final dry weight was 11 oz.'s!!!

I also made dry ice hash with the sugar leafs. I had about 2 oz.'s of dried trim and ended up with 18 g.'s of good hash. And with the fan leafs and a few stems ground down I ended up with 7.'s of hash for cooking.

I am surprised at how good this plant tastes with such a short time since she has been dry enough to smoke.

She has the sour skunk fuel smell and taste to her and she hits you nice and hard. I can't wait for this to be nice and cured.

Thanks for looking guys.

Next up is some exodus cheese.

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hmmm i don't know how much gr 11oz do, but i'm sure it must be pretty big to make 18g of hash with the leaves lol :D

I hope we'll have some pictures before you smoke it all, do we have a camera stoler troll on the forum stealing all the members camera or cable? :P:P

hihi i'll be waiting ^^

Have a good smoke man

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