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What are you smoking today??


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I always wonder what people are smoking, so here is my curious topic!

Tell what you smoke iff possible with a pic!!

today I smoke some nice special hash!! only a little we can make while producing ice!!

But such a nice soft gentle smoke!!!




With love Greenwitch :girlwitch:

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lol gobru what a nice man you are with your compliment ;) hihi

Well today i'll be smoking ice dream, exodus cheese, maybe a little vanilla kush. And perhaps before going to bed a little moby dick :D

Don't have picture yet will post them if i do some ;)

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cool idea for a thread imma take a few pics of my smoke for today to share with.

ok so i started off the day with alittle of autobomb i just grew cause tommorow i am throwing it all in paper bags so it was dry enough to smoked a joint its actually pretty nice like a spicy m-39 great pain killing properties.


ok second is a nice 6$ selection from my dispensary ambrosia (god bud x Burmese)



3rd an 8 $ selection jean guy (skunk #1 X white widow) bred in montreal from a compassion club member



4th super sour kush 11$ a G



5th cinderella 99 12$ a G



and last afghani black hash 15$ a gram


all macro pictures courtesy of my friend plant from the Toronto compassion center and his lovely usb microscope .

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Don't worry Tokage! I will smoke for you as well..... LOL

I'm on some Panama Haze today, testing it for the menu.

It's a spicy sativa, very full-flavor, with hints of celery, parsley, sandalwood. Very complex, intense.

But the high is actually quite gentle, creeper, long-lasting but never peaking, very linear. "Heels under the shoes" type of high.... lovely for a day of work at the office.


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nice to read and see what you all are smoking :good:

@tokage you always make me laugh

@franco, with your description I can imagine what it tastes like!!!! verry nice,!!

Today I smoke some nice orangehaze!! pics will follow later today!!

with love Greenwitch :girlwitch:

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Lol heels under the shoes kind of smoke, i had never heard that one yet ^^ but can imagine it. Damn you to Greece franco for teasing us with those exclusive buds :)

Have a good smoke everyone ;)

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