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What are you smoking today??

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hey i got some more nice bud to share with all you hunters!!!!


here is some berry kush ( not to be confused with kushberry from DNA) this berry kush smell's like blueberry muffin's and hindu kush a really unique berry aroma nothing like your standard fruity berry smell my guess is that it is a blueberry hashplant X hindu kush 

Berry Kush








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Looks like art to m...lol


My stash for the moment- My favorite smoke - no doubt about it DAMNESIA, one of my own seeds from a hermie last winter turned out to be the sweetest best tasting fruity warm smoke ever. The Kings Kush may still taste nicer but the effect of this great mostly Sativa Hybrid (AMS swiss sativa/Indica 50/50) with the pure amnesia Haze makes it even nicer, maybe not as strong as the realAmnesia Haze, I grew before . If you put both in the sae jar you won't recognize which is which.

But what really steals the show off of any other strain is the smell, even these few small buds for today in a honey pot gives you the FULL aromatic, perfume like essence of it's terpene profile.

PERFECT for my taste buds, a bud like that crumbled in an OCB sheet really amazed me yesterday when I smoked the first spliff of the day. I was high as a kite to y real surprise - not as expected .

BI also got some OG Kush left, whch i excellent, too but not my taste fave and too strong for daily use . I mix a bud here and then with KK or Damnesia..


The color alone makes the Damnesia something special, that blonde red with nice green sugar leaves around-they make the effect less heavy. The inside is where it's at THC wise !

What i really like about this strain is it's clear headed vision inside, no hangovers, smooth on the lungs, easy to inhale  good sleep and appetite.


Sorry bout the poor quality of the picture... the OG Kush picture was even worse quality wise

so only DAMNSIA here


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Hey Bam some nice bud's you got there !!! and jah fruit same with you buddy great stuff, So check this out here's a few strain's i have been smoking lately,









Pink Kush




Og Kush









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Today for my treat is some snappy almost like rock candy shatter bho. Made from the flowers shown. Dinafem road runner autoflower. We picked the best phenotypes out of a small group of ten. The taste stays in your mouth llike you were eating candy. Cant imagine me without cannabis feel blessed for my family and for my pot!! Jahfire oneluv




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Super low on buds and money this month.

But ganja god was with me.

He let me forget full ziploc bag of trims that i find in the freezer.

One day later i had ice and open the zipper. WTF. This was trims with benefits as i call them.

Lower buds and popcorn of the slh clone i had last year :D I remember even the box wich they wre dryin in.

No real idea what the whole rest leaf material is from. But i dont really care. I have hash.

Because i needed quanity more then quality i just took the 190 micron bag. simple gravity ice extraxtion.

This time even with a little mixer holder. Very lovely if you have 2-3 things more to do then look in that bucket 20min :D


automatic aproach


still a bit wet so color and weight still change slightly...

It is very much lemom haze in that hash and i really like it. the other strains round it well i believe. 

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Nice, I like my Hash, too. Always mix it with weedd supercharged, wen the regular joints don't make me that high anymore..

Tonight I smoked some Nev Haze - fast flowering version (female seeds(. Just love te smell + taste but best is that clear headed High with no body to it.Pure haze. First you are not even sure if you are stoned till you realize the brain  mind change - plus it makes me active.

The effect reminds me of the Arjan's Ultra Haze 2 Joint I smoked at the greenhouse. Mellow , easy but def. psychoactive !

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Today I smoking White Lemon,  because it has a very good taste, a relaxing effect that I love and power. I love the varieties with a good level of THC, the more better ... lol

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I won't be smoking for a while (I think I got dry socket from smoking too much after tooth extraction). I will do the same as I did last 2 days so stick with edibles. Last 2 days it was cannabutter but from my experience if I continue using those for longer then 3-4 days my tolerance sky rocket and instead of 5-10 g I need 20 or more. And that is not a way to go. So I think I will go with firecrackers  since they have reputation for not boosting tolerance so much, question is which jar should I use to make them:


So far I am thinking 50% white russian + 50% northern lights :D But I am opened to suggestions. 

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