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What are you smoking today??

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When we moved to spain, it was a kinda pain in the ass to find some ganja to smoke, since we left Holland where we smoked as often as wel could, we now had to find some ganja in our new country.

First times was very difficult, not knowing the right ppl here, so we went to benidorm and got some shitty weed for alot of money , but thinking sometimes you need to learn the hard way so we did end of with some smoke and enjoyed it as much as possible.

I then just asked a guy working in a growshop where we can find some good weed or hash instead of the rubbish we bought for way too much money ..The guy helped us out and gave our phonenumber to a young russian guy.

From him we bought all sorts of strains, i bet most where from outdoors growing but overal the quality wasnt tha bad and we where glad to have found him, thanks to the growshop guy.

We went back to holland for 2 years after almost a year, but we didnt feel at home in holland anymore so we decided to go back to spain, the wonderful country we fell in love with the first time around.

So now we are back, and because i am a person that opens his mouth and am interested in ppl, i found a great guy, a young morrocan selling to his friends only, so now and then when we can afford it we buy the ganja and enjoy it alot.

I first didnt wanted to get involved with growing, i have done for so many years back in holland, not the best time in our lives but hé we are what we are and ganjasmokers we are in heart  and soul ...

Not too long ago i stumbled onto the greenhouse- strainhunters video´s and they REAALLLY gave me my pleasure back, i couldnt sleep for weeks thinking about the`old days ` , so i decided to educate myself much more then before, studing the new strains and techniques and becoming a member of this great community ..

Unfortunately we dont have any ganja now, we buy once a month and after a few days we need to wait again for the next month, but it is what it is..

We shall first need to move, cos where we rent now we can´t grow anything, till the end of the year we are` stuck ` but that will give me time to get organized, buying seeds, meters, pots and nutrients so that when we start we have the most important things to start growing the herb.

I decided to only grow GHS and SH seeds, and was pleased to see we can get all the strains we want to start with nearby where we are at, so next month we shall pay a first visite to the growshop and purchase our dream, growing the ganja

Shanti to all you fine ppl !

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last few days got some, already ran out already..will try go score some more tomorrow ...most of the time we get a indica stoned strain, not too bad tho.

keep iit up all

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Bubble Auto (female seeds), gives me nice high but it just not as strong as the KUSH or Cheesei mainly smoked this year,.

Found out when I mix in some of that KUSH Auto I got from female seeds, too I get exactly what was missing. So basically the answer should be BubbaKush..lol

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la creme de la creme! Sativa phenotype from SEA somewhere ??? This is a total of 6gr for an outrageous 20$! But that's all I can find and right now it's worth gold ?

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On 8/14/2012 at 10:13 PM, Gfarmer said:

the first strain i am gonna share is one i have yet to try until today its a sativa dominate hybrid with very little indica,m the strain is from TGS subcool called chernobyl, it is a cross of TGA's trainwreck ( not the arcata version, AKA bloodwreck) X trinity X jack the ripper. When ripped from bongs the taste is incredible.  the high is very sativa dominate potent tho and long lasting the bud smells sweet and sour a little citrus to it as well a ruff skunk haze odor. this batch is well ripened the high is clear and high at first and relaxing on the come down a very nice mixture.


the second strain is one i have posted quite a bit resonantly so many times i couldn't tell you exactly which batch im on but this is a new batch from the last i posted still at a similar quality this strain is amazing tho. If you have the opportunity or time try herbtools.ca for a bong. Or go to take a look around the online shops and buy bongs, then you are ready to enter site. If you need seeds then liberty seed this strain infinity or vancouver island seed co's 420 they are the same strain and both are amazing the fermented fruity odor and its mixture of high and heavy sativa/ indica makes it a very interesting strain for fans of ether variety.

Incredible pictures, the frost on those nugs is stunning. What i'd give to load some of that into my bong! Around my ends we only get bush, it is really low quality and leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. :stop:

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I am confused, I was meant to post in this one but there a new thread with the same name that opened in the chillout lounge anyway... 


I am having the same regular land race Sativa from South East Asia, this is how far I can go with the info I have on it. It is sun dried, not frosty at all, no resin either... But it's a promising strain to grow in proper conditions, the locals funny enough never decided to pull out the male in resulting of a less potent weed.



Just to give you a price comparison for you guys, I use to pay 20$ for 6 gr till I met another guy who actually decided to play honest and give me a much better price which is 1$ per gr and if he give me at that price it means he is still making money, I am not dealing with Mother Theresa here ok. So yup lesson learned, try earlier to look around instead of sticking with one supplier. To clarify as well in the region it's not like in spain, Holland or the States where you go into coffee shops, guess you figure that one out. So under the shade of a Tuk Tuk by 35C the exchange of one and only type of weed is done quickly, but I was kindly propose up to a kilo if need be... I can be a heavy smoker but I'll stick with the 100gr lol.




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cool I like to try smth new. Not so long ago I tried Tincture Oil from here https://anotherbox.us/cbd-tincture-oil-day/cbd-tincture-oil-day-3000-mg. It's a high-quality oil that is made from 95% Raw Broad Spectrum CBD oil and 0.2% THC. It helps to promote concentration and increase focus. It's just perfect for those who combine work and study as I do. I just apply the correct dose under the tongue and allow it to absorb.

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