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what do you need2do 2become a tester?


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Tester wanted?I live at a altitude of 9,000ft in the Colorado Rockies .im a red card holder and have about 5 years of experience,I love growing from seed and would be highly interested in doing some extensive testing for greenhouse seed company.i grow indoor hydroponic and soil under a 1000watt and 2 600watt hid lights.

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normal you have to be active on the forums and have put help in and show you know what your talking about and not just here to grab a few free seeds..

im gonna try speak to admins and franco, i for one will be happy to send out a load of seeds once im set up again...

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Ciao a tutti. Sono a Cass in convalescenza e ho molto tempo libero.

Tempo fa ho gia fatto I'm tester tempo fa e ho cresciuto white lemon e ice dream.Ho so no ancora disponibile a essere UN tester quindi or a toccca a voi decidere. Spero do avere scritto Mel forum giusto perche so no senza pc vino a a erasers e sto scrivendo con hiphone.

Per qualsiasi cosa rispondetemi.

Gracie. Simone.

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Hey hello and if posible i would love too grow & test .

For the Green House Seed Team .

Indica like cheese, kush or ? strains & seeds and bio nutrients . Plzz

Weekly Updates with bud porn.

I grow in 

Medium is soil with bio tabs & stone powder

Light 250w- 600W hps & lumax power

8l pots standard grow tent

3 fans temp max/min hygro meter 

600 kubic off air 24/7 silencer active coal

Hana grow combo ph/Ec meter 

Double Check with Milwaukee ph meter

If needed Bio Nova A+B  and Ripen Gh liquid mineral juice .

Everything else is pure Love & Magic .

Blessings bud ha love to hear from U soon ?

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