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Potent's Mixed Diary - The Doctor, Ex Cheese, Buddha Tahoe, +others

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Hey Hunters.

Hope you are all goooood :D

As the title states, this is a Mixed diary i decided to put all the strains into one diary for the time being, if i have enough time i will split soon but for the time being i thought i'd put it down together so here goes.

I Started my diary off in a blog - so give that a once over after if you want more bits http://www.strainhun...new-beginnings/

Altogether i soaked 37 seeds, with expecting a few to not germinate etc i figured in time i would be able to get the numbers down to the final 12 ladies. well that went wrong.... very very wrong but on the good side :D

All germinated apart from 4, 1 DNA genetics 60 day wonder out of 6 and all 3 of the Samsara seeds Sweet black angel which was a really disappointing and i could accept it was my fault if all my others did not germinate but they did.... all 33 of them! with the 1 casualty of the Exodus cheese when she was a seedling now down to 32.

So the Rundown of whats Alive and kicking

7 - Greenhouse - The Doctors

6 - Greenhouse - Exodus Cheese

5 - DNA Genetics - 60 Day Wonders

5 - Greenhouse - Super Critical Auto's

4 - Cali Connection - Buddha Tahoe

2 - DNA Genetic's - RockLock

1 - G13 Labs - GigaBud

1 - Dinafem - Cheese

1 - Dinafem - Blue widow

With my plans of choosing the best looking girls and getting them down to just 12, well that went well the way you probably guessed it, i kept them all..... so i had to buy two more tents 1 small for seedlings/clones/auto's and the other a medium tent.

So the equipment list is as follows;

1 - 120x240x200cm Budbox

1 - 100x100x160cm Budbox

1 - 75x75x100cm Budbox

2 - Ruck Extractor/ Rhino Filers

1 - Intake fan (reversed for small tent extraction needs filter)

3 - 400w HPS in 2 Diamond shades, 1 Parabolic shade

1 - 125w CFL Blue hanging

1 - 125w CFL Red in Euro reflector

3 - 6" fans

1 - 10" fan

2 - Pc fans connected to phone charges

Soil - Plant Magic Soil Supreme


Plant Magic Old Timer range Grow & Bloom

Plant Magic Catalyst

Plant Magic Root Stimulant

Plant Magic Bio Silicon

Using the Old Timer grow schedule - http://www.plant-mag...er-schedule.pdf

Greenhouse Powder Feed - Mostly Indica

Everything has gone smoothly so far minus the Electricity company cutting off the Electricity for my area for a day where i had to do an emergency evacuation of the girls to anywhere around the house where there was light, apart from that the Gigabud grew to fast and has got a bit too hot so the tips started to curl.

Things i have noticed with the strains so far is the the Buddha Tahoe loves to grow tight to the main stem which is really annoying where the others tend to branch out more especially the Doctor and Ex-cheese. All of them have had very vigorous growth. The plants of which i Fim'd have gone mental bud sites everywhere my last mission was complete with lovely huge cola's now i'm on the mission for many many mini cola's :superblue:

While i was Fimming my girls i decided to leave a couple o'Natural to see how the plant looked like naturally this was done 1 Buddha tahoe and 3 Doc's and 1 Rocklock and well i wish i did fim them all. The Doctor and Rocklock has explosive growth!

Il Post a few pics from the beginning and the move onto the most recent. they have now bin in on 12/12 for 2 days in the big tent and 5 days in the medium tent. all with having approx 40 days since sprouting.

The auto's are mainly in the small tent with 2 super crit's on 12/12 in the large tent.

there are 17 in the large tent, 5 in medium tent and 9 in the small tent (all auto's apart from 1 exodus dwarf)

And i think that's it! now for the pics, hope you all enjoy my diary and il try to keep it entertaining :comando:

group shot

Exodus Cheese fim

Buddha Tahoe fim

Group shot of Large Tent

Group Shot of medium tent

Nutrient's for this grow

Until the next update,



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hmm yummy man, that is a very nice list of strain :) and the girls are looking very good man.

Thanks for making the thread ;)

Keep us updated, and have a good grow

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Thanks dust, I'l keep you guys updated the best i can :)

Just thought i'd quickly add, all ladies where born under a 125w CFL Blue and Vegged under a 400w MH under the Parabolic reflector, then moved to there selected tents and put under there current HPS bulbs (400w), with the exception being the auto's in the mini tent. Once the others got put on 12/12 they where moved and put under the 125w CFL Red to continue flowering under the 18/6 lighting schedule in the mini-tent.


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Yo Potent my man, it´s here your hiding lol. Your growth looks amazing bro. Gonna be cool to follow you on this one ;).

Best of luck


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Thank god you ended putting that one on a regular post!

I had tend to forget about it over and over, this will fix that...

It's good to hear what you say about fimming, re-enforce me in thinking that lst is the way to go even though i would have thought that kushes type of plant dont really like fimming because of their structure, seem like i was wrong (i'm glad i was hehe).

I'm surprised you dont like those side branches growing along the stem, having them saved my ass when the other grew bigger and took more (call it lateral) space, in the future i'd rather do a sog with kushes than exodus cheese lol but i'm really considering going for a scrog with the cheese though...

Everything look tight, good to see that your reading didnt took you away from your plants, cant wait to see them budding ;)

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Hey thanks dudes much appreciated, it's going to be my best grow yet and most interesting :)

Hopefully i'l do the forum proud :D

Yeah you gotta have fair play u know toke :P

I figured it was time to turn it into a diary instead of a blog i was just waiting to see what i was going to put in the Diary, just turned out i am keeping more than i originally planned.

I think next time i will do a lot of LST on the Kush's, this was my first time growing one and yeah very tight growth to the main stem + the fim hopefully get the bitches more bushy hehe while the Exodus and doc's etc are crazily bushy but i think the Gigabud has the most tops so far but one of the Doctor's is closely behind.

To say i don't like it is a bit much just wasn't prepared for it i guess, just all the other strains i have grown tend to become mini bushes and have more lateral branching, it was just the buddha tahoe's which has grown real tight to main stem which has got me thinking that problems could arise when they start to flower with increased chances of mould etc with the buds being really close in to the main stem and not having much area to breath so i'v got the branches and have started pulling them down so hopefully should be good. so yeah on the next buddha tahoe's FIM and LST. So far i would love to give the Exodus Cheese and Gigabud the Scrog treatment with the FIM i just think they would be perfect for both technique's with there style of growth. So all these notes i'm taking down for the next time i grow these strains.

haha i have bin reading loads, i don' think i've stopped just now more books hehe but when i gotta give my ladies love i gotta go em some love ya'know :D

Next update will be when the have some flowers to show.



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Thanks dudes, much appreciated :)

just a lil update, all the ladies are getting huge now, to the point where i have had to remove the younger 3 Exodus Cheese from the tents, i thought this was only fair as they where the youngest out of them all as i germinated them for backup just in case i had a few casualties which are now not needed so time to find a good home for them. Considering a Gorilla grow with them, going to check on a few locations for them and see what happens. Other than that i had a fan die during the night so now have ordered another which should be arriving tomorrow! I tried last week to find one locally and it was impossible all i got was 'out of season' only in the uk could a fan be seasonal...

Tomorrow and Thursday are my feeding days this week and the ladies are showing lil flowers so expect another pic update soon, I am really impressed with the Doctor's growth so far a very nice looking plant with lots and lots of tops :D

Until next time


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sweet man exodus cheese outdoor sounds like a good idea ^^

Poor girls banned from their natives home, they will have to travel through the wall and get in the cold norttthhh :rabbi:

Bless them and all the others in the room don't forget our porn ;)

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Hehe thanks Dust, yeah the 3 ex-cheese had to leave just not enough space in the tents.... but they have found a nice home hopefully some pics in a few days on them.

Thanks Scorro much appreciated, i'm getting there learning and adding equipment as i go slowly but surely my setup will get better and so will my plants :)

Back with the rest of the Ladies, in the medium tent i was doing my standard checks and to my shock i saw webs! WEBS! i thought, Without hesitation i get the tray and place the webbed girl on it for a full inspection with the microscope i was fearing the worst! but no trace of bugs! this had me confused, so i start removing the other 3 ladies from the tent giving each one a full inspection and there was only webs on the first and still no sign of any bugs (spider mite) so i remove and cleanup any webs with a trim. I look up to the top of the tent and out of the corner a house spider shows its legs. My mind went at ease, it was just a common house spider looking for a new home and who am i to not let him enjoy his short time in the tent i figured good home defense hehe but as soon as i see him making any webs near my girls he will have to go but until then i hope he starves due to the lack of bugs hehehe

Other than that mini-scare I gave them there standard nute feed today and all are looking really healthy and bushy some are stretching more than other's which is too be expected with multiple strains, mini warning there hehe. This proved to be a task at the time having to move them around but now i have worked out a system for it i am keeping them at the same height. On some i might have to create a scrog screen for it to help compensate for the weight when they start to flower. If i am i will have to decide soon.

So far other than the Auto's i have going, the Gigabud is the fastest to show flowers and she also responded the best to the FIM and has 14 possibly 15 tops. While the Doctor and Buddha Tahoe has the biggest main Stem and Shade Leaf's

I will be doing trimming and general maintenance on the others tomorrow so i will take pictures and do a picture update in the coming days.


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Hey hunters just a quick pick update.

Here is 3 pics of the Doctor, side view, canopy view and a lil flower pic.

The other's are the 60 day wonders, comparison between the 2 main pheno's with a 2litre bottle in for size.

Some more pics to come in a couple o days

edit - pics have pretty extreme resolution, to make the image smaller hold 'Ctrl' and use your mouse wheel or + & - next time i will resize.








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Nice man that doctor seem to have an awesome canopy :)

And that 60 wonder looks fun, almost like a mr nice "conoisseur" so called bud ^^ How is the smell? the trichome production seems pretty good,i hope the buds will develop :)

Have a good grow man

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Thanks Dust & Mopman much appreciated. Yes the Doctor does have a brilliant Canopy to be honest i am impressed with the Doctor so far, a nice looking plant which loves the FiM i really look forward to trying the smoke! all the girls have lots and lots of budsites.

The 60 day wonder has a weird smell everyone who i have said tell me what that smells like and it's a hard one. One is nearly ready for the chop so once its down and dry il do a lil report on it etc with a pic update.

I have just bought a 60x Currency Detecting microscope! it's ideal for the job of checking on the Trichomes, its a tiny lil device easily portable and comes with white and uv LED's with 60x magnification and at £6 its an absolute bargain. another lil grow gadget is a pair of Lumii Growroom glasses which i have to say are brilliant! they do the job perfect. For my Odor problems no jokes :P I went in on the ONA blocks and they are great too do the job lovely i even got one just for my smoking room/office hehe so yeah here's a few pics to show what the glasses are like, the pics don't really do them much justice but you can at least see what they are like. Il do a proper update in a few days,





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Fu*& i love it , those are so cool but im a real sucker for gadgets. Was thinking about the gel myself and now that i know it works ill get sum , thanks for the update , got the same microscope too ;)

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Lovely plants man, nice to hear about the 60 wonder, is it a weird smell in the good way or in the bad way? ^^

And nice gadgets you bought, i bought myself a pair of cisors, thos glass look nice i had seen some already but never tried, you should try to take pictures with it to see :)

Have a good grow man keep us updated ;)

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:D yeah im a sucker for gadgets too hehe

Yeah i'd say it works i have it next to my fan which blows the air out of the room and all i can smell is the ONA block so yeah top marks but will see when my grils are fully in blown and stinking then it will be interesting if they still cover up..

hehe yeah Dust the 60day wonder smells nice in a good way hehe 1 pheno smells fruity while the other smells slightly spicy its hard to describe, once its cut down and dried im sure the smell with come through properly.

hehe Dust i've already took a pic with the glasses on to compare, one without and one with above ^^

will do, il do another update in a few days time when there's a bit more to see


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Oh right lol was it there from begining? what a stoner xD

Well indeed it works just fine ^^

And nice Ona think, what does the block and gel have as diference? why did you choose the blocks?

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hehe yep always bin there :D

you stoner hahaha

well i didn't know what the difference would be, i went with the blocks they served my purpose and they where cheap £8 each, next time i will get some gel to test that stuff out i can imagine it would work just as well all depends on your needs really.


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