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lil help plz lol

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what could this be the dark spots are crispy kinda its happening to 2 of my plants both the same strain

one is 5 weeks into flower and the other 4 weeks into flower.

humidity has been high for a few days have no way i can control it right now.

i thought flushing was running a whole bunch of water thew them i did like 5 times the pot size

about 2 weeks ago i think i leached all the nutrients out? one other started getting yellow but was fine after feeding

but these 2 dont look like its getting better.




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Yeah like X said, we would need some pictures of the plant in her room see where light is etc to help ;)

And giving the feeding schedule can help too ;)

Good luck

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That's a Magnesium deficiency, if you already flushed then water with some Epsom salts along with the normal feeding. It's 1 teaspoon of Epsom per Liter of water.

Take care

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i noticed a couple sugar leafs of my 6 week old with a lil yellow in last pic think its the same thing?

i fed 2 days ago and only flushed the one thats almost ready.soil is still real wet should i still flush them today or let them dry out?







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yeah like tok said wait for the soil to be really dry before flushing it again

I would take away all hurted leaves as you have flushed the medium, and see if any new appear. Like i said before lower a little your ph around 6,5 maybe your plant couldn't absorb what she needed at ph 7 causing a small def like rom said.

Good luck man keep us posted

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The photos you first posted of just the leaves are from a heavy Mag deficiency, not a small def, I think I didnt wrote that anywere. Its heavy!

A light Mag deficiency shows interveinal esclorosis first (light shade of green on the leaves interveins, then wen its at a longer/heavier stage of the deficiency it looks like the leave photos you showed us.

SO, after the medium is dry again water normaly with the Epsom salts also in the mix (you can mix it as the first thing to go in the water). Use the 10% rule of watering, it will be ok. Example: 10L pot = 1L max watering at each feeding. ;)

The flowering plants photos I think they are just showing that the soil was too packed. Those brown/yellow spots are from the roots not getting all the oxygen they need because of the soil being too packed, this wen you filled the pots with the soil, probably too pressed.

You can try to press the pots at several places to try to unpack it a bit (do this by pressing it with one hand higher then the other, the aim here is to try to uncrumble the soil, do it with the medium dry), also hurd the top soil frequently and all will be ok! :)

seni bloom a and b 1.6 ec , 7.0 ph , i can get a pic in 3 hours when light comes on

Since you are growing in Soil, then the ph values should be between 6.2 to 6.5 ph at flowering stage. A ph of 7 will lock nutrients after a few time causing the medium to have unused nutrients in the form of salts. NOT GOOD! ;)

On a side note, Magnesium defs like that happen by a simple reason: Some plants, wen they start to use a heavy percentage of P they also use alot more Magnesium, so the deficiency you are having. Not a bad growing at all, just take a closer look for the first signs of a Magnesium def in the future and feed the Epsom salts along with the rest of the feeding around week 3 or 4 of the flowering phase.

Hope it settles the question for you now.

Take care

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I agree with my colleagues, however I leave another link, is a thread that made ​​people vote and the values ​​you use, you can see the view of some 2000 people in the survey, I hope you serve.


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ok i took all the plants out today to do a cleaning and thin the inside branches that wasnt getting light

was a few on all the plants and some was like normal by the main stalk and then they thined out

and was dead. what is this is it a root prob? mold? i found this on the fourm

was as close to my problem http://www.strainhun...branches-dying/

should i use neem oil in the soil for a drench? i have a 7 week old and 3 6 week old i dont have new

pictures i didnt take any yet i also got 3 2 week old plants showing the same sign.im thinking its from the mushroom

co2 thing im useing i made my own it wasnt like the xhale one its open so it can get in the air right?

what should i do i already took the mushroom kit out the armaggedon strain is the worse ones i dont think its a mag dificiency.

im thinking of switching to http://tcs-hydroponics.com/product/rootmaker-container-3-gallon/ think the fabric pots might spread

mould to easy?

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Well without pics the people able to help will have some dificulties to tell you i think :(

It sucks if it's root problem, i hope you'll find quick and save them :)

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Too late for neem oil, it woukd affeect taste. As Mr X said. loosen up the soil feed Epsom salt and water them not too much. I fear there is a bit of mould or funghi starting up.. I cannot verify it, but that one top might rot from inside, so be careful..those leaves + plants look like they were still in VEG leave wise. Excuse me if I am talking rubbish, not a very experienced grower but I speak my mind ... so watch the buds carefully and check those dense packed spots for beginning mould and get your loupe out and check fior funghi or insects, just to be on the safe side - It is enough, when you check the lower leaves for insects and a couple buds for mould.

Hope this helps..

What type of soil are you using ?

Canna Terra BIO is the dog's bollocks . just wonderful how it drains 3 days after flushing the soil is dry and pots are light as a feather and it smell/look good, so the roots can really breathe and grow and do their works !

Good luck !

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Agree with DKH the few time i had mould it'd started with those sugars leaves yellowing, not taking them out cost me on some main cola, so as he said i would watch out...

About those answer, i know if anything happen to my plant in the future you guys will be there, that makes me happy hehe


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