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Guys, are literally outraged from the decision taken by the Dutch government to close the coffee shop to non-residents.

I think it is an act of absolute bullying and arrogance: we all live in the same Europe, we use all the Euro and we have no need documents to move to Schengen area.

Now politicians who lodge in a universe 10,000 miles away from the reality of the daily life, and who had the "bravery" to start the "Pnvd" (hour loosed), have decided to inhibit the entry in coffee shops for all those - Dutch citizens or not - who do not live in the netherlands.

But everyone can ruin your body and mind using alcohol freely: this is not only discrimination, but is inducing people to addiction.

Alcohol is one of the worst poisons to the human body and mind.

This is an act of violent repression, discrimination and it is absolutely unacceptable in a country open and advanced like the netherlands.

I am ready to take action to boycott the Dutch institutions and recover the situation as it was before.

Events such as have been done in Maastricht are useless: unfortunately for bending a government to mild pretensions are necessary other kinds of actions.

The creativity makes up for the violence: so no one will lift a finger against us!

You have to fuck your enemy using his own weapons and methods.

WARNING: The cops are not our enemies, but the politicians well.

The cops are only the servants of the authority.

I propose some detailed recipe drawn from a well-known text of the kitchen, precisely what is involved in stimulating creativity of all those who wish to take revenge in a concrete and effective manner.

I does'nt will propose ways to create bombs or destructive devices: are outside from us scoop!!!

We want to send this politicians to jail, and keeping them for as long as possible.

It 'a lot less complicated and quicker than you can imagine.

I hate terrorists because devastating the innocent, and the way that I wish to propose is a valuable tool for a bloodless war against the constituted power.

Just sweeping away the people who voted in favor of this unjust law we get back our rights.

I'll be in touch shortly, and I will continue to use the usual measures to avoid detection.

Used to communicate only: www.torproject.org

Type directly in the adressbar from the browser: torproject.org in order to avoid being rerouted some other site: do not forget that it is your anonymity and your safety.

Read carefull the instructions.

Created an email via TOR and use it only with TOR.

Feel you free to contact me: sukaxyzmoto@googlemail.com

Do not be angry if I reply after 2 days: only in case of urgent need I act differently.

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WARNING: The cops are not our enemies, but the politicians well.

The cops are only the servants of the authority.

The cops dont care about the socaiety there mission is to protect the nation of region and there intress, like paper, oil and pharmaceutical companies!!!


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Well said, but at the end of the day who do we have to stick up for us? no one! The cops are enemies because they will go out of their way to be a pain to all pot smokers ( well british cops do anyway ) I know its depressing but what can we do? Its not down to us, cannabis will be always have some stupid stigma attached, or as long as people are drinking alcohol and smoking crack. Cannabis legalisation will shutdown drug companies overnight, its all about the money. Doctors with specialist areas like cancer and epilepsy will loose their jobs. No one really cares about the people and the relief cannabis provides, so long as people are making paper from other peoples suffering, nothing is gonna happen :( sad but simple thats just the way it is. We can petition and campaign and boycott all we want, but sadly it wont change anything. If the dutch dont want us there........

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