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Okay here is the update from LAST WEEK that didnt get posted. I will try to take some pics today for this weeks update. I could have swore that I replied to some posts, but they arent in here, so I obviously never posted it.

Dust... Thanks, and to answer you, I got an old 1997 TL1000s and have been putting in some wrench time trying to get it brought up to speed on maintenance. The last people neglected it a little, but didnt thrash it, so I am just playing catch up.

Tokage.... Thank you for stroking the ego a little. =)

I try not to smoke and ride, bad for my health... lol

Well on to the images....

Here are the girls inside. They will be getting swapped to flower this week. Except for the little one. It will serve as a mother, since I dont have time to order seeds and get them going in time.




Here is the outdoor at the end of week 4 flower. I will try to get a week 5 update up today....




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Here is an update for this week. Wasn't too sure if I would get it up here because I planned on riding today. It is waaaay too hot right now so I came home, I dont feel like wearing a helmet right now.

So here is a few pics of my indoor girls. I think they are in week 4 of veg, but I'm not too sure. I honestly do not keep track of veg time, kinda just switch them when they are ready.



Here is the one that is outside, she is in the end of week 5 flowering. I think she suffered a little bit being moved to a bigger pot in the middle of flower. I am still acclimating to growing in pots, never ran out of room for roots with hydro =). In spite of that, she looks like she is trying to gain some weight.




Here is a little bit closer up, but still no macros... need to buy an actual camera instead of trying to take pictures with my mobile.


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Awesome, but why dont you have a few more in that outdoor spot? Would look nice with 9 more of the same look hehe.

Mobil make good photos and you could always buy a zoom for the phone?

I was supposed to have more than that, but had a buddy that needed some plants so i have him the other few that were supposed to go out there. Plus I thought that we were moving, so I didn't want to have a lot of outdoor shit to move. I kinda missed a good opportunity there.

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I apologize for my lack of updates for this thread. I have been super busy with life and have not had much time for extra activities. Here is an update on the girls. The one that is outside will be getting cut down Saturday or Sunday most likely. Just trying to kill off the little bit of spider mites that showed up in the last week. I think I have gotten rid of them after daily spraying of Mighty Wash (frequency water with NO CHEMICALS), it is too close to the harvest to spray them with anything else. I have sprayed the indoor ones down with Neem Oil and should be able to avoid any further infestations. These bastards showed up as a result of infestation of regular plants and trees in my apartment complex. I have never had to deal with them before. I will continue with the daily spraying and then hit them with Power Wash to clean off the Mighty Wash. If you want to check out the stuff I am talking about here is the link...


SBA - Outdoor (flower day 51)






As you can see in the above pictures, I pushed these ones as far as I could with the nutes, even got a very mild tip burn. Some of what looks like tip burn was actually a Ca deficiency that I sorted out, but this close to finish, I am not too concerned with it. Had to find out how far I could go with my EC anyway.

Here is a shot of the indoor ones a few days into flowering, obviously not much to see, just wanted to post it for reference. They will undergo some serious manicuring over the next 7-10 days to strip off most of the lower bud sites to maximize light from the LEDs.


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Did you finish the plants you grew in mid June ? I di not follow each update and it seems you grew various plants..whatever I just did a trichome check on my girls andalthough most are really very close there is only one I am sure is ripe'n ready, 2 more are nearly there all milky heads on one and even a tad further with sharper pronounced sticks instead of balls/heads. I lways foret to keep track of the exact start of flowering.. Must be around week 8 now and the Autos should be ready, 1 Bubble Gummer and an Auto bomb is..


For my next set up I decided on the GHE ECO GROWER set for 6 plants - What is your opinion on that one ?


either that or a simple Coco/pebble mix..

The outdoor girl looks fine. Enjoy the harvest. Tomorrow I'll feed the Bubble Gummer one last time, then I flush her and reap her on thirsday night... Next on the list are Auto Bomb and a NL Auto.. By the end of the month these 3 should be cut down.. Time to free up some space for the new generation..lol

Peace + Grow

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very nice SBA man, she seem to have pretty nice buds everywhere :)

But i would let her a little more if you can afford it, she doesn't really look like she is ripen to me ;)

Do you have a microscope?

And lovely indoor girls, waiting like soldiers in raw :D

Thanks for the news, we'll take them whenever you'll have time to make them don't worry ;)

Have a good grow

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Just came up on your thread and realized I had a black angel seed do the same thing to me...Looked exactly like yours..hhhmmmm must be genetic some how....It never grew back for me so i just decided to toss it...

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Beautiful outdoor plant !

I love seeing Led grows and i am looking forwards to and update, so i can see how your ladies are fairing under your ufo's.

Lots of lovely pics please :)



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very nice grow

man what a grow i love this guys imagination i will be there someday my kush right now 4 afgani kush in a dwc set up in a tent with a 600 watt and a cfl 400 watt in flowering 3 week getting really bushy i got to start to tie down and prune bottom in next wash out ill try to get some pics later great grow!!!
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