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i know alot of you guys are already hip to this,if not chk it out (i need the post count anyway)

stuff ya kinda need:

1.hash bags or 220 micron screen(i got a 4 piece setof 1 gal bags off ebay for 30.00 dollars)

2.popcorn buds or trim (anything with trichs on it)

3.dry ice (about half the amount of trim)

4.plastic can or bucket not mandatory but a lil' easier(i use these coffee cans)

5.a clean smooth surface, glass is best

6. scraper



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next put your trim and dry ice in the can and give it a mix,let it set till you see frost forming on the outside of the can

now put your bag over the can (or pour the mix into the bag)

turn the can over and shake it over your surface of choice(4 to 5 min seems to give the best results,if it starts turning green stop and let it freeze some more




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you guys get the idea,if not i will be happy to help ya out,now go get some!

couple of things your trim may still have trichs in it,so you can still bubble it or bho it

some folks shake the shit out of it,which is ok but if it goes green it means your gettin leaf material

i find 4 to 5 min at a time works best,

i start with 220 bag and go down to 73,dont be afraid to experiment

and as always have fun





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Thanks for making this thread man, very detailed report :)

And like bozo said, that keif looks very nice and clean :)

Thanks for sharing, have a good smoke ;)

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thanx for the info tok,ill keep an eye on the bags,knock wood ive been using them a year now with no damage,ofcoarse now that ive said that.......lol im steppin up to 5gal bags so i can do some shit like bru,oh and a cement mixer like mr x lol

dang tok,i thought you guys could jus cut that shit out of the lake up there lol by the way,luv the vodka



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I must say that is a good tutorial I have talked to people selling dry ice whole plant hashish at the farmers markets we have in the area occasionaly but I never could visualize how the dude was talking about useing dry ice lol.

Thanks for a good read.

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Now I need to know where to get the dry ice..

Regarding KIEF . he green not so sticky stuff goes into hot tea. The stuff I can press by hand, the gum type is what is worth smoking. That only comes with the final trim, not the dozens of leaves picked during VEG + early flowering !

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