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Hello fellow strain hunters and enthusiasts! I am thrilled with excitement to have found a community that is passionate about the greatest plant on earth!!!! I will be starting my first ever grow soon, i will start a thread in the outdoor section. I will be growing some easy Ryder from the joint doctor, as well as some pineapple express auto from Barney's farm, and throw in some sweetooth. All will be auto strains an im going for an all organic grow with a mix of coco and soil.

stay lifted, psyjic!

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PSYJIC..............Nice too meet you friend from my Great Country, with Norghe, Sweden, Alaska and the other place that i love for the magnificent nature and kind of animals..... Since i was 14 was in love of the Sport as the " FLY FISHING ". In the past i am going in Norghe, in the Caravan, to fish in front of the River, for the fish of the King Salmon, at little meters from the orses!!!.

The next week i send you the photos of my adventures in this splendid place!!

When i will be can, i will be go to visit also the Canada.

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Welcome on the forum man, glad that you like the place and i hope it will continue for longtime ;)

Like it's been said, if you need any help don't hesitate to ask and we'll help you ;)

Have a good discovering of the site

see ya online

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Welcome to the SH Forum!! :)

I am also a newcomer, but after having checked out a couple of other Forums, I feel I have found a home here. Such a wide range of experience, and very friendly, helpful members.

Hope you are enjoying this place as much as I am.

I see we live nearby. I'm in Barrie. :bye:



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