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Kalashnikova Auto - WiGGY - Outdoor Test


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Hi Guys

I am going to be testing Kalashnikova Auto Outdoor grow. Im sorry but i dont have any pictures of when the where babys lol there was not a secton in the forum for the test and i decided to start the plants of anyways since i was doing a outdoor grow and time was ticking lol. So i only have pictures from now. The biggest plant has started to preflower and has a realy strong smell even from a distance. The weather has not been great in the uk very damp and alot of slugs have appeard lol and had some fun on the main plant but all is well :)











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Yep Fuzy is on top of things lol yer the slugs love it ha due to alot of floods there is loads of the dam things about. The weather is miserable rain every day, rain and rain and rain lol.The Kalash auto has really nice side branching they are maximizing each day :)

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cute little babies in the middle of flowers :)

Thanks for making a Journal, i hope you will finish them without trouble :rabbi:

Keep the pics coming and the girls growing ;)

Have a good grow

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nice i have been dying to see this strain in action i asked for some beans of this stuff a while back but i never received them so i think i will take a seat on your grow and if i like what i see ill order a pack or two, good luck with the flowering bro

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all the ladys are doing great. i have noticed the kalash auto has very nice branches wich i would love to have let my bondage side see to it but im letting her grow naturally. Here is a few new pictures for you guys







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Hi guys sorry for keeping the update but i have been away visiting friends for a week or so. these autos are doing crazy i got back to see that she is huge tripled in size she is relay nice and bushy im so pleased with her i hope you guys enjoy the pics Thanks.

im not feeding her any nutes but has a layer of old fruit and veg at the bottom of the barrel she is in.

She is 70cm Tall and 50cm Wide









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haha that girl is NOT discret at all in the middle of those geraniums :P When will you tell her that she is adopted? puberty perhaps? haha

Very nice man indeed they have grown a lot since the last pics, and it seems they didn't miss you while you were gone :P

Thanks for the news man, keep them coming ;)

Have a good grow

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I'm very happy with this test kalash auto is a great strain nice and branchey lol right next to the conservatory so when i open the window i get the nice aroma of that fresh flowering smell mmm. and i no dust not that discrete lol but im in the middle of no where so all is well. haha Tokage pics or didn't happen :)

Thanks for this opportunity Franco and all the GHSC Team and fourm mods Peace :)

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