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Outdoor 2011/September/Milan/ITALY.

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1-Church#1, Trimmed, 90 days Veg., 2,00 M. ( 300 Gr. weed dry )

2-Church#2, no Trimmed, 90 days Veg., 1,50 M. ( 200 Gr. weed dry ).

3-Mostly Sativa Strain Unknow, No trimmed, 120 days Veg., 2,20 M. ( 300 Gr. weed dry ).

The two Church of two diffwrent Pheno( Churc#1 Sativa Pheno & Church#2 Indica Pheno ) i was cutiing about 2 weeks too late.

The Unknow Strain was about one month late for to be very perfect.

So, To smoke report, the Church#2 was the best than the Church#2.


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Yes Fuzzy,but they were difficult to move large vessels. I can use a pot of 50 liters but at first the plants grow very hight, and my peoples near the home can see it, after for the elicopter, and for put the pots every day in the garage for the day of rain, wind hard, and for have less of 12 hours of light at the plants, for the flovering time. I think, if i put a CURCH in a pot of 50 liters, in outdoor, in Sept. i can find i very monster!!!! No Fuzzy?

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My only problem here in Italy is tha is illegal to grow cannabis, my friend, in his garden have 20 plants of cannabis from seeds of weed buy in street.

Same of they are fantastic!

Tomorrow i go to his garden for have same photo and same record file, for can send here the photo and you can give me an opinion.

But, he is at home for 20 hours a day because he is in home arrest, from the Police.

Is dangerous because if one elicopter go under his garden, can see very well every 20 plants, are about from 1,00 meter to 2,00 meter hight, but is very dangerous for him have at home the plants, at first because he is at the arrest,, so the police can enter in the house for any thing they whant, at second,were i live, there are much more guerrilla canabis growth, overwere, so the police turn around in the sky for see the very extend place used for the cannabis.

I know that 20 plants is not a very big number, but , for arrest the very big trafficants, also the little growers will be arrested, and if he is controlled because the home arrest............................

In the photo you can see a part of my garden, but in total i have 10 meters for 10 meters of soil that i can grow near the home, or build a GREENHOUSE and grow cannabis for every year, or much more AUTO Flovering plants, because the real month very cold in the year are is from half Dec. to half Feb., after the climate is not really bad and cold for every strains of Cannabis. If there are any days with night very cold you can take the plants and put her in indoor for the night, but this for very little time.

The very problem is only the Police, Carabinieri and Finance-Guard, that can take a very hight money tax to pay at the state, and maybe the prison.

after, at the process, if you are a people that have less money, have not a house of propriety, and you have not a family that have much money for help you, no problem.

But, if you have a house of propriety, money in bank, help from the family, so, the Italian state can give you of cash to pay fines that are huge. And if you can not but have the properties' real estate, you get repossessed. As for tax evaders.

Is that difficult for a while 'vai plant in jail if you're not a dealer but if cultivated for personal use. But you get to pay the fines that you're ruined!.

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