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Ghost Grower

An easy way to sort your soil for reuse

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I did not really know where to post this message I hope this is the right section.

It's an easy way to sort the soil for reuse, for this you will need a salad spinner basket (or something like that), and a large bag to retrieve the sorted soil.

This way you can reuse it for your next grow or for your other plants...

I hope this will be helpful for someone.

The salad spinner basket looks like this, use something like that :


Here we go :

1) Take the soil that must be sorted


2) Put it in the basket (The basket must be in the bag where you will retrieve the soil, of course.)


3) Shake it, shake it...


4) Here it is that we will throw away


5) And then sorted the soil ready to be reused



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yeah good idea, thanks for making a nice thread for us :)

I think if you put you're soil in oven at a certain temp, for a certain time and it will sterilise it too,just to make sure ;)

Have a good grow everyone

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Thanks for sharing this advice , it will be very useful.

In the picture "Here is what we throw away" surely you don't mean to throw away the clay pebbles? there can be washed and sterilized and used again.

PS I knew there had to be a better use for the salad spinner than just drying leaves ;)



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The used soil can be charged with many minerals and nut traces after last cultivation and probaly affect the new cultivation. The best way to reuse soil is mixing a minor part of "recycled" soil with a major part of new unused soil and let rest a time for natural "maturation".

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well do as above ;) ;)

I have read a lot of people also put there soil to the hoven before reusing it, to kill anything that could have settled inside during your previoud grow.. it's a precaution but well i guess you're not obligated to do it if you hven't had any problem but we never know ;)

Check on google to see the exact temperatures etc cause this i don't remember right now sorry was around 100° probably but..check it ^^

Good luck man!

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This technique works great! But you need 26-32º and spraywater/mix it at least once each month. i do for each 2 weeks.

You can also add bone meal, wood ash and humus. Dont forget to add a little bit of limestone too!

You can make diferent stage soils too by mixing diferent amounts of them.

Let it sit for atleast 3 months before use. The remaining roots must be decomposed or it will be too acid. I let it sit for 6 months and my peppers just love them.

Regards! #keepgrowing

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Hi Friends

I have found many articals on reusing soil, this was one of the better ones.

I for one am going to dump my soil (Somewhere) It only cost me about $100 for soil.

I am only going to repost part of it, the total artical can be read here http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/2809.html

By Ed Rosenthal

All of this begs the question: can the soil be reused? The answer is yes. Planting mix can be reused. If it is a mix high in nutrients, most of them have probably not been used up after three months, especially if you were fertilizing during the growing cycle. After harvesting your soil, you will probably find that it is short 25%, so new mix has to be added. Some growers prefer to remove another quarter to a half of the old mix and replace it with new.

In commercial establishments, mix is reused after being steam pasteurized. However, the smallest pasteurizer costs about $600. You mentioned rinsing the mix, but that would dissolve many of the water soluble and semi-soluble nutrients. You have the option of reusing the old mix straight, or finding other uses for it. There is reason for some apprehension. What if there are harmful organisms that have colonized the mix? Is it worth risking a crop that takes so much time and effort to save the few dollars that the mix costs? Is it worth using new mix for the peace of mind knowing that you are starting clean?

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Thanks for this share brother!

I don't plan on EVER dumping my old soil! I'll keep it and haul it around everywhere I go before I throw it out!

When you draft your own organic soil mix and you take care of it, meaning using no chemicals, and re-amending it appropriately, that soil will only get better with time!

In a healthy soil ecosystem, three won't be enough pathogens to compete with the good guys. Nothing to sterilize in a healthy organic soil!

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