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Ghost Grower

Ghost Grower [Super Lemon Haze - Liberty Haze - Holy Grail Kush - Big Bud] [Harvest]

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Its end of week 13 of flowering, Day 91.

This will be the last update because I have to move this month, I'll start next month for the Cup.

I posted harvest pictures of the last week and this week.

Holy Grail Kush 1 week 12 Day 84

Big Bud week 12 day 84

Liberty Haze 1 week 13 Day 89

Liberty Haze 2 week 13 Day 90

Liberty Haze 3 week 13 Day 90

Holy Grail Kush 2 week 13 Day 91

Super Lemon Haze 3 week 13 Day 91

Pictures in next post.

Enjoy !

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Super Lemon Haze - week 13 day 91 :






Big Bud - week 12 day 84 :






Holy Grail Kush 1 - week 12 day 84 :




Holy Grail Kush 2 - week 13 day 91 :





Liberty Haze 1 - week 13 day 91 :








Liberty Haze 2 - week 13 day 91 :





Liberty Haze 3 - week 13 day 91 :






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oh yeah that is a nice strain selection, paying the HTTC at home this year :D

I hope they will have a 100% finish rate too and 0% hermies or male ;)

Best of luck on that round man, keep us updated ;)

Have a good grow

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Sounds nice Buddy, I thinking you can never go wrong with HTCC Winners ;) but don´t believe BarneysFarm Information Liberty Haze never matures until 63 Day, so i count of 90-110 Days cause my last two needs 100 and 120 days to Mature.

I don´t know why but Barneys Farm loves it to understate the FD of his Sativa Strains. i think cause not much grower would buy it with informations of Flower days 100-120 it is worth!!!!

so good luck and have a heathy grow

greetings PencilJoe

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Nice strains - how comes the lone Big Bud in there ? Expect the tent to be x-tremely full with all these long flowering big branching Ladies ...lol

They don't stay that little for long and unless you scrog them you might get in space trouble.. .Make sure to erase all excessive branching and do some hardcore bondage if necessary !

What is the size of that Tent ?

The plants are petty far for 2 weeks - From seed ? I'd expect them to be in week 3 at least with 400watts.

Square pots are better suited for a SoG type grow ! So if yo plan on transplanting think about it..

Will watch this operation with interest, keep us updated...

Peace + Grow


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Wow, as everyone else says;

Really nice choose of strain's, im thinking of growing the SLH

myself and i really, really love indica too so this will be very intresting!

Oh and i think they all look great!

Good luck bro, happy jungle!,


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Hello guys thanks for you comments.

Bam : At the beggining I wanted to start with only 8, then I added 1 more BigBud because I grown already some and I like the taste and smell, like marshmallow / strawberry chewinggum and I like it, so I put one more. (And that was one of my last seeds)

It's end of week 2 veg but I did a preveg week, so it's almost 3. And yeah 400w HPS at the moment.

I know they don't stay little that's why i'm starting to work them, to don't get em to high.

I used to grow 2 Hawaiian Snow who are very high too, that's was no problem with a some support for the plant :)

I use round pots because I dont want to repot 'em anymore, they are in 12L pots. Tent is 120x120x200.


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with 400W you can push them a little if they get too tall. i always let my haze grow almost into the lamp in veg, so they dont get too stretchy.

400W is not too warm, so it works good.

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Hey Ghostgrower. Saw the excellent Hawaiian Snow you grew recently so I am sure you know what you are doing. Sorry

to interfere..wish you all the best..

I just reaped a Big Bud and the plant grew fine with one mighty Top cola but I let her flower way too long, now the weed smells like pepper mixed with shoecream..lol The taste + high is not bad but it is by far the strain I personally rate the lowest, because of those overripe crystals .. Lost track on how long it was in bloom actually and since it kept on adding weight and the new breed was so small I messe the plant up.

BTW the HS looks a bit like the Big Bud at the end of it's life cycle. How did this affect the final result in taste + smell.

The buds looked good, how's the smoke ? Or is it still curing ?


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Well, these are my girls at. the room is smaller but longer - aprox 75 cm & 1,60 cm or so selfmade and I tried to grow 12 plants inside, but I had to put the 2 latest not yet flowering near the window to get more space - as you can see it gets real crowded but the worst was the humidity coming from all that green leaves and these girls are far from their final height/size.

This arrangement works quite good for this stage, before it was just way too full.

After all it seems square grow tents are much better for more plants.

We will see how it works..

excuse the threadcrap..



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Atrox : Thanks for the advice, I didn't tryed this yet but usually I switch to the 600W before the flowering period, then I continue working them till the end of the stretch.

But I didn't used this technique for the Hawaiian Snow, I had let them grow the normal way and supported the plant and branches who were bending.

Bam : Nice plants on the pictures man, I think that you suffered the resin degradation for leaving it too long, and maybe not enough flush at the end.

But you are right and I know it, something is sure, the tent will be loaded, that's what I need :D

I already did a 9 plants session, that was fine (some put 12 to 20 plants into 120x120x200 depend of the grow technique used (Look at Fuzzy Money Maker test)).

But yeah, it depend of the strain, for sure you put 9 HWS, your tent will explode lol.

The HWS is curing but I did a smoke test of the 2 phenotypes, i reported this on the topic "2 HWS at harvest", one of the last posts.

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Yeah man 9 of those Hawaiian monsters would be overkill. You can alays tie them down or bend them lower, so no prob- Just watch out for humidity 1 tht was my main concern with 12 plants. But wth a good ventilation you can get that under control too. So we wil hope 4 the best - I am sure my girls will make it, as well as yours . Seems you are an Veteran when it comes to growing ...

You can take a look on the results of the Big Bang I grew when you check out the What Are You smoking Today topic .... it ain't that bad - just a matter of taste. The plant looked amazing with a huge main cola from FIM'ig.

Okay enjoy your gpow

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Gotta repeat what everyone is saying..they look great and AWESOME strain selection. I'm growing the SLH and the Holy Grail Kush next grow..should be starting them in 2 weeks or so :) Gonna take a seat..it's gonna be awesome to be able to watch and learn before I start them up and get some advice. Thanks for starting the journal man..peace! :)

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