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SCROG Redemption

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After 2 grows of not scrogin(1 sog,1 lst) im going back to what i love.

i took six neglected( i say negected cuz they were stuck under t8 for 2 months and started droping the lowers) super criticals and threw them in 10 gall pots with a 70/30 coco perlite mix. then bent and stretched them under the wire nets.

feed is

-advanced nute jungle juice

-fox farms microbe brew

-botanicare hydroplex

-general hydro floronector

sprays are

-neem oil (for mold and bugs)

-organicide(for mold and bugs)

-azamax(for bug if need be)

-floromite(if i need to go nuclear on some mites, very rare ive used it 2 times)



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oh yeah, bozoph back on scorg, it's gonna give us some nice show to watch :)

I'll be looking forward to those man, thanks for sharing them ;)

Have a good grow and keep those girls healthy

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BRING ON THE SCROG!! YA bozoph..I gotta tell ya..I've reviewed your past scrogs man..and I have to bow with respect, I appreciate so much the knowledge you've shared that has helped a newb like me do a scrog as a first grow. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am really looking forward to watching the magic progress and borrowing some more knowledge along the way :)

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damn those flowers appeared very fast compare to last pics :)

They must be really happy ;)

And that canopy looks very organized, for sure it will be another nice grow :D

Thanks for the update

Have a good grow

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the canopy isnt as even as it could be. because i didnt know i was going to scrog them, so i skipped the tying. but they are doing fine so im not worried.

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Still kickin hard by the looks of em..beautiful work reviving them from those terrible t8's :) I love that scrog setup..looks like it would be relatively comfortable to work with/around too. Thanks for the show bozoph..all the best with the rest of flowering!

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very nice screen, as i said it already in the chat;)

possible that i contact you in the future for scrog tipps and tricks, i want to start it next month, after cleaning from present grow...

have a nice end of grow....

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nice man thanks for the news, that canopy is loking nice, almost all at same level, and not too much above the net, very good job ;)

How long do they have left now?

Have a good grow and keep us updated ;)

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