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Such a nice report Jimmy!

Thanks for sharing, inspired me to start my own grow with this beautiful strain!

Thumps Up ! :good:

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inspirational stuff..nice yield from 4 plants a rely good grow cheers for sharing.. :cool:

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Harvest and smoke report!

Sweet Mango Autoflowering is a new strain how have the chance to go big, in my eyes. Never I try a strain that keep me going on work after work or in the morning. A very productive strain. Ok now I cut down my plants when the tricomes was cloudy and very little amber. So the stoned effect is not so hard, it´s a more uplifting high whit a hazy outcome. The taste is so fruity when you inhale it and when you exhale you got this sour haze taste coming out. The smell is Mango it´s really sweet whit a hint of pear and a something that I can´t put a word to my wife says it a hint of Jack Here. Was changing words whit Dust about it to and same answer there is something in Sweet Mango how is very hard to put a word too. But the best word I can come up whit is sugarcane taste, if you ever have it you know what I mean. I got two different types One short and one tall, the only smell different is that the tall was smelling cat piss in the end of the growth it´s goon now. The smaller type is more sweeter in the taste. Hard strain to judge. A special little one grin.gif. I was checking out the flavor wheel on GHSC home page and it´s spot on whit the flavors. I got a fare harvest for the amount of work I put on the growth. 41, 41, 52 and 44 grams whit a total of 178 grams. The only thing I miss is that it go for one or two weeks more before I cut them down, but when you have plans and are on a time schedule you need to do some things that not always is the best. But hey Im happy, I got smoke, great smoke and it was a long time ago I was able to smoke a joint before work wink3.gif and keep my cool and work good. Sweet Mango is a strain that go´s up in my top 5 of strains I really like and is right now on the list of strains how I gonna grow again. Come on, amazing smoke on only 9 weeks from seed what more do a grower need grin.gifwink3.gif. Please enjoy the photos.











Peace & Smoke



This looks excellent and tasty indeed ! You made a really good description of the taste/effect, cheers !

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Hi Jimmy, really nice report, bro.

i tried one Sweet Mango outdoors a few months ago, I harvested one month ago.

The production was good, but the Mango aroma of the plant is incredible.

Enjoy your mangos ;)

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Really nice auto this one, the first one i cut gave

a real aroma of pink grapefruit very nice.

Will do again if mrs allows it very strong aroma hung a

round for days

Thats my in put PEACE

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