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LIVE from the IRUN EXPO 2012, in Spain

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Hi friends

Today promises to be a day with lots of pedestrian, soon arrived at the fairgrounds to start a day full of photos nevus, smoke and laughter

We hope to put new photos at midmorning with all the news :gamer:

Best Regards!!!

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Hi guys!!!!

A very busy morning, Mr.X has come now and start with some of tomorrow, today will be a long day until the awards ceremony where we submitted samples to compete :gamer:

All broadcasters have passed through the booth to interview Arjan, Franco, Simos and Joan, a very busy morning

A few pics....











At one point we putting more!!!

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Hi guys!!!!

One night unspoilable history-making in the world of cannabis. Green House Seeds won 5 cups in presenting our varieties grown for the last generation nutrients Powder Feeding !!!!!!

We won the top 5 world cups, Expogrow Irun is the largest cannabis cup and arrasamos planet with prizes !!!!!!! :king:

An incredible night with the good company of B-Real, won awards and enjoyed the incredible atmosphere !!!!!











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This day is still very interesting and fun, all happy yesterday's celebration of the incredible five cups won by powed Feeding.

We have many interesting things to tell and show, some amazing photos and videos about ex lusiva fantastic. We even ConXion Expogrow and internet here is impossible, we all day trying to write just a few words and always failing. Will update with all the news as soon as we.

Best Regards!!!!

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YEEEEAAAAH!! Came back safely from Irun, and what an AMAZING day!!

X sorry i had to leave while you were taking pictures couldn't say Bye to you, And José you were working on comp i think you didn't hear me ^^

It was an Amazing day!! It was a great pleasure to finally meet most of the crew for real :D I hope we'll do many more Expos together guys, if i can i'll be there! :)

The expo was really nice, got lots of freebies, girls were hooot :P and people very happy too, very nice mood.

Congratz GreenHouse Seeds for the 5 DRINKS hahahahaha and keep them coming guys!

And X where are the pictuuuures? :P :P

Cheers, Thanks Again Arjan and Franco for Everything during that day

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Just caught up with thread you guys all look like you had an amazing time! another great Expo!

Franco !! Wicked Tattoo! There's a lot of Pride in that :)

Quality pics as usual mr.X

Dust glad you had a awesome time!

and it would be rude of me to not mention those lovely ladies and this time I'm not talking about plants haha!

When one expo finishes then next one will soon begin looking forward to next one already.


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Amazing that I miss this!?? I need to work less, man lol... Looks like you guys have a great time like always ;). Thanks to Franco Mr X and Jose for all the photos, you guys are the best! Thanks for share..

Peace & SMoke


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Hi friends!

We are back and now we can use internet at normal speed climb all the photos that we could not go up on Sunday because it was impossible in Expogrow by connection problems :gamer:

Great pleasure for all of us enjoy the wonderful company of Dust, his girlfriend and friends. Thank you very much for visiting friend, incredible Rastafarian and welcome to the team ;)

Soon more pictures and documentation, thank you very much to everyone for the visits and comments!

Best regards!!

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Hi guys!

Sunday was a great day full of interviews and congratulations after the amazing victory winning 5 cups :yahoo:

All means of information joining wanted to congratulate and interview, Sunday will also celebrate the end of Skate, represented also by Strain Hunters.

There have been many years of work to get the best product, but the effort has paid off by Powder Feeding, I personally am by testing these nutrients in

soil and coconut and I guarantee I have never tasted a better product, incredible.

We start with a few photos of the show and events, but soon we climb ;)







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Hi friends!

We continue with some photos of the day from Saturday night, when we did the awards ceremony in which we could enjoy the good company of B-Real :fan:

As you can see from the photos, the night was long and pleasant, all followed by a icreible fantastic Sunday. Everybody came to buy Powder Feeding after its resounding success

Five cups of the fair world's largest cannabis were at the hands of Green House thanks to the excellent work of Powder Feeding, 5 hits more to add to Green House.













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Saludos a Jose y Oscar... gracias como siempre por vuestra amistad... ya tengo ganas de volveros a ver pero con mas tiempo y sin trabajo de por medio...

un abrazo muy grande para vosotros... lo mereceis todo. Menudo fotoreportaje más chulo... ;) y gracias por los retratos y las camis!, uno las luce! ;)

PD: Franco, cuando un cliente (growshop) que vende tus semillas te saluda en casa, lo normal es responder con otro saludo. Sin acritud :P

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