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I just wanted to start a thread for Canadians to share strains that work best in our climate and to team up against the rest of the world. hehe Gots to stick together :)

Let talk !!!!! Share strains, trade clones, whatever it may be..............

GreenHouse Seeds Canadian coalition !!!!

Keep hunting and happy grows to all !!


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hi fellow canuck, im in a gategory 4a zone and am harvesting this week my Shaman girls( see outdoor season 2012 post) they are fully matured already and my first plant i cut gave 1018g of wet buds pretty good i say , i have some white widow, church which do great in zones 3a to 6a ( search google for canada zone horticulture to find out in which zone you are) and of course some "freeze land" which has been my staple for the past 13 years, they yield an easy lbs/m2 the sad part about it is the bud rot which is inevitable since they aren't ready before mid october at best. i like this post , good idea :)

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Hi everyone I am looking for some advice about what strain I should use for a fast flowering. since I live in northern Canada and summers are short I have to get it right or it will all be for nothing. Any help would be great. Thank You

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you have something against autos? they will be your fastest choice for an outdoor grow. Beside those, white rhino we often see outdoor i think she is pretty fast. any indica from the catlog will more or less do it ;)

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I had great success growing out Big Bang last season. I started indoors under T5s about a month and a half before last frost in mid-May. Big Bang grew fairly tall with a nice thick trunk and a ridiculous amount of bud sites, but still had generous sized main colas. For certain Big Bang finished a little later than some of the short season strains I've grown out before, but the cooler temperatures at the end of the grow really brought out a unique purple colour in the buds. Such a delicious, fruity strain - I would certainly recommend this strain for outdoors in Northern Ontario Canada if you are able to start a little bit early indoors. This year I'll be trying White Widow and White Rhino to see how well they do. Love Green House Seed Co; they have something for everyone!

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Greetings again fellow Canuck!

My outdoor grow last season consisted of GHS White Rhino, GHS White Widow and HSO Sour Blueberry. All 3 strains did fairly well outdoors in Central Ontario, but White Rhino did the best of the 3. I started them indoors under T5 lights 4weeks before last frost in mid-May and harvested mid-October. For whatever reason, I had serious PM issues last season and was constantly battling that using Serenade and foliage thinning for improved airflow. I have no question that this war greatly affected my yield, but I still managed to produce enough to last me the year with 5 plants. The White Rhinos could have used another week or so of flowering, but I noticed one grey-mold infected bud and opted to chop early rather than lose them completely. I was pretty sick of molds/mildews/fungus by the end of last season and hope for less cool, damp evenings in September this season.


This year I will be growing out GHS El Nino, GHS Himalayan Gold and potentially some sort of autoflower. Does anyone have a decent suggestion for an autoflower strain that can provide a decent enough yield, decent potency and well suited to outdoor growing in central Ontario?


Many Thanks in Advance and Happy Growing!

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Church will most likely finish. Also autoflowerings of course, but the dates given in the chart r for lower latitude, like spain, so in canada, or north europe, you need to add 2 weeks to those given dates. Sweet seeds are lounching some semi auto strains that should be cultivated anywhere up to the 55th latitude.

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