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What kind of sickness is this???

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Hy people

please help me, what kind of sickness has my plant?

i have 3 big bud and 2 white russian indoor

only the 3 bb have some problems.

roomtemp 23-27 C

humid 55-62%

2nd week of flowering

like on the picture a few leafs started to get brown tips and then roll up.

and not only in one sektion of the plant, some leafs down, in the middle and also on the top.

younger and older leafs are involved. not baby leafs but young ones like on the second picture.

i hope my english is not to terrible,

so please help me.




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Whats your Ph ? And are you growing in soil, coco or hydro? What are you feeding with?

Could be Zinc, possibly Iron or Manganese deficiency? Someone may correct me but without knowing your ph and medium hard to say.

I had some iron deficiency recently and didnt really look like what you have here.

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Sorry i forgot.

I grow in soil and ph is 5.5 - 6

The plants are 5 weeks in the soil and it has nutriens for the First 4 weeks.

One week ago i started with bioFlores and boost from biocanna.

Do you really think it has to do something with the nutriens?

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Yop man.

Welcome on foru mfirst ;)

And second i think your problem comes from ph. at earliest stage of growth on soil you can be at 5,9 - 6. But not 5,5 this is more a hydro value than a soil value ;)

You're in 2nd week of flow, your ph should be around 6,3 now ;)

And slowly increase it until 6,5 for full flowering that's the ph i use.. your free to use another one of course but i like 6,5 is a very nice average value for soil!

Good luck man

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what is your ph when it comes out of tubes? but at 5,5 for sure they'll get problem eating like i told you in soil, go more around 6-6,5 ;)

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