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Bud Of The Month Contest - October

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We are now accepting nominations for the bud of the month contest

Please submit a photo/video of your best bud ( there is a seperate contest for plants. ) The bud must be your own, either purchased or grown. Personally i would like to hear about the strain ... taste, potency, color, aroma, weight ? and anything else you will share.

Once all nominations are in we will all start to vote for a winner, we will keep the contest going until the last few days of the month ... I usually close voting to tally votes around 9pm eastern time.

The winner will recieve a badge that says ... Bud of the month winner.

Rules :

1. Entrys must include original photos/videos of your own bud. The bud photo/video may include several buds or a cola.

2. Entrys must include only photos/videos of the bud, but you may add one photo/video for a reference point for size or a close up A.K.A macro shot

3. Maximum of 2 photos/videos per member. You CAN NOT update or change or delete your photos through out the month. Once you have entered you have entered.

4. Make sure you upload your photos to the strain hunters server. And videos to growhd.tv or youtube.com

5. The buds must be dry and in ready to smoke form they can not still be alive or on a plant.

6. Self-nominations only !!!!!!

7. No voting for yourself ... if you vote for yourself your entry and vote will be removed.

8. Don't enter in the contest previous entries smile.png

10. you have post a comment with your vote so it counts!

If you do not read the rules and your entry is not in compliance with the rules... your entry will be taken down and you can not enter again till the next contest.

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haha lovely pics man!! and lovely bud! i can imagine the smell from here and wish i could be smoking it ^^

Good luck :)

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OK guys this month I'll enter the same strain as the previous month : Hawaiian Snow, but those buds come from my second plant and they are still curing.

Link of the harvested plants here : http://www.strainhun...now-at-harvest/

This is a group of buds.

Nothing really new but for the fun, good luck to all entry.




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Wanna show you this nice top from the original Bubblegummer with that rare exotic aroma of an old school chewing gum with extra artificial flavour. Only one of the two plants expessed that type of odor. It is just getting dry and I cut it in buds for curing, so last chance to show it on the stem.

Not the best of the strains I got atm. but it looks very nice so here are some pix I just took..



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White Widow flowered for 9 weeks (mostly amber trichomes) dried for 8 days then cured at this point for about 4 weeks,smoke was heavy couch lock taste was a beautiful earthy indica that has to be experienced,my favorite strain to smoke hands down and probably to grow as well,peace

Kush :drag:


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Heya iCeSkunk :bye: That Hindu Kush looks delicious brother,very nice indeed,how's it smoke up mate? peace

Kush :drag:

Her taste is fruit and sweet with only a hint of the kush flavor she truly is delicious. I simply love her and I smoke it all day long :-) she's not a heavy stoner but she's makes me smile all day long.

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very nice weed so far, with all the new members for the world cup we should get many votes together this month...

shame on me bacause i forgot to vote for the last :punish: wont happen again!

anyway i will enter the competition too this month with a well picked K-Train top bud, just need a few days to fit the rules (must be smokable), and to manicure her like a "award winner"

look out for it, and lets have a good comp.


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