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Strain Hunters - High Report - Powder Feeding

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Greetings family!

We've been traveling, and I come to show you some pictures and conclusions. The results of our line of nutrients, POWDER FEEDING, has been very positive.

We visited several fields, outdoors, in greenhouses, indoor ... all with a perfectly healthy plants.

The aroma that filled each of the sites, was wonderful. Accompanied by a beautiful green that was reflected in the thousands of plants. Shocking!

Seven years of development, has resulted in a unique product, a simple way to bring flowers to your full potential.

I leave this first photo, do not lose sight of the thread because many more are in the oven, I hope you like them!

Saludos familia!

Hemos estado de viaje, y vengo a enseñaros algunas fotos y conclusiones. Los resultados de nuestra linea de nutrientes, POWDER FEEDING, ha sido muy positivo.

Hemos visitado varios campos de cultivo, en exterior, en invernaderos, interiores...todos ellos con unas plantas con perfecta salud.

El aroma que inundaba cada uno de los lugares, era maravilloso. Acompañado de un hermoso verde que se reflejaba en los miles de plantas. Sorprendente!

Siete años de desarrollo, han dado como resultado un producto único, que de un modo sencillo llevara tus flores al máximo potencial.

Os dejo está primera foto, no perdáis de vista el hilo porque muchas mas están en el horno, espero que os gusten!




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Fantastic photo X! We want to see more :biggrin::music:

Of course the results are impressive, both on land and in coconut, really was worth much work.

Show us more photos please !! ;)

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Thank you very much brothers, a pleasure to read you and have some time to spend in the forum!

Here we go with a few more photos, these are all outside, good level of resin and compact buds.

Very good results, plants develop excellent organoleptic qualities.

I'm still processing material, there are some truly amazing fields!

Greetings and happy smokes!!

Muchas gracias hermanos, un placer leeros y tener un poco de tiempo para estar en el foro!

Aquí vamos con unas cuantas fotos mas, estas son todas de exterior, buen nivel de resina y cogollos compactos.

Muy buenos resultados, las plantas desarrollan unas excelentes qualidades organolépticas.

Sigo procesando material, hay algunos campos realmente sorprendentes!!

Saludos y felices fumadas!!






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Thanks a lot to comment family!! Mopman, Tokage, Dust, Jose, Fuzzy!! :party:

Well, Tojage friend, I can tell you everything smelled something amazing, had plants all over,

having to walk between them was like a bath of thc. When we got to the airport and just the

smell was a problem, they came out the eyes, but never take anything up logically. The smell

was impossible to remove from clothing. A funny situation at the end ...

The quality of everything I could smoke was excellent, and the friendliness of local growers was great.

Most importantly, the quality of the grass with our line of nutrients, Powder Feeding, has given great results.

Also greeting the friend of "NCG" North Coast Growers, for sharing your wisdom and being such good people.

A part of a grass and hash, first quality, really!

Come up with some extra photos ... we still have a few ...

hope you like! Greetings, X.

Bueno, amigo Tojage, te puedo decir que todo olía, algo increíble, había plantas por todo, tener que andar

entre ellas era como un baño de thc. Cuando llegamos al aeropuerto solo del olor ya era un problema, se les

salieron los ojos, aunque nunca llevamos nada encima como es lógico. El olor fue imposible de quitar de la ropa.

Una situación divertida al final...

La calidad de todo le que pude fumar fue excelente, y la amabilidad de los cultivadores locales fue estupenda.

Lo mas importante, la calidad de la hierba con nuestra linea de nutrientes ha dado unos resultados fantasticos.

También saludar a los amigo de "NCG" North Coast Growers, por compartir su sabiduría y ser tan buena gente.

A parte de una hierba y hash, de primera calidad, realmente!!

Vamos con unas fotos mas...todavía nos quedan unas cuantas...

espero que os gusten!! Saludos, X.







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Good morning family!! Tokage jajajjaja, for me perfect but other cameras take to much thc from the skyn, they are like humans joints LOL!!!

Dust it´s true the mask are so cool, Einstein working at gardens jajajjajaja! Well two shots for wake up...more coming! :brunette:

Buenos días familia !! Tokage jajjajaa, por mi perfecto, pero creo que otros cámaras tomaron demasiado thc vía piel, y eran como porros humanos LOL!!

Dust hermano, a mi también me molan mucho sus mascaras, Einstein en los cultivos jajajajjajaja! Bueno un par de fotos para despertar con buen pie! :brunette:

Sunrise at paradise


Strain Hunters and North Coast Growers!



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Thanks Mopman brother, we are working on them, hope soon we have nice screen saver!!

Gracias Mopman bro!, estamos trabajando en ello, espero que pronto tengamos un buen salvapantallas para todos!!

a big hug!! :bye:

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Amazing amazing!! I say from day one whit Powder feeding that it gonna be the produkt of the year. So eazy to use and it give you amazing result. It´s gonna be so cool to see the hole report/doc about Powder feeding. Thanks for share Mr X and a big thanks to Arjan and Franco whit team.

Peace & Smoke


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Thnaks again family!!! Jimmy, Elvis, Ghost Grower a pleasure to read you!

Come up with some more photos when I have time Franco sure more information will give us extra,

because I with many photos and plants, in the end I can not remember all genetic.

Greetings and happy puffs!

Muchas gracias familia un placer leeros!!

Vamos con algunas fotos mas, cuando Franco tenga tiempo seguro que nos dara más información extra,

porque yo, con tantas fotos y plantas, al final me es imposible recordar todas las genéticas.

Saludos y felices fumadas!!








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Lovely buds man!! is that a money maker on first pic and the one franco is eating?

Great content as usual!! Gracias amigo!!!

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What about a calendar with high quality pix on good paper ? I am sure that would sell like hot cake - I just love those pix - as nice as indoor growing is nothing beats the sun and natural elements in a climate where the plants can really show their full potential. Didn't know strainhunters visiting the US of A , but California is one of the best places on this planet to grow good vines and nice herbs.

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Thanks a lot for your words, more photos comming when I have a little time!!

Muchas gracias por vuestras palabras, mas fotos pronto, en seguida que tenga un poco de tiempo!!

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