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Strain Hunters - High Report - Powder Feeding

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What about a calendar with high quality pix on good paper ? I am sure that would sell like hot cake - I just love those pix - as nice as indoor growing is nothing beats the sun and natural elements in a climate where the plants can really show their full potential. Didn't know strainhunters visiting the US of A , but California is one of the best places on this planet to grow good vines and nice herbs.

Thanks brother, full agree, we are also working on them, calendar, books, new catalogue, screesnavers...so nice stuff coming!! only we need a little more time!!

a lot new things coming!! :bye:

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Mr.X: I know you been buzy and travel alot but we miss your photos. You make art come alive in many photos. Do you have any good close ups on a male plant? Or do you got a angle so you see the plant from under. Like if you would lay on your back and get a photo stright up but with a plant?

Anyway, thx for sharing amigo.

My dear brother, I have some macros waiting to see if I can process tonight, dedicated to you with the new camera!

a big hug! :brunette:

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Love it so much, great really great photographic shots Mr X, big respect to you. can´t wait to more info about this trip you guys make.

Peace & Smoke

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Awesome shots man!! shots not shooters, stop thinking about Drinks!!! :rabbi: :rabbi: haha ;)

Those buds are sure looking good, i used it on outdoor too and i will again next year if i can :D

Cheers to the crew, RESPECT ;)

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Thanks brothers!! Dus, Tokage, Jimmy!!! One photo more of supertest powder feeding, nice girls autoflowering!!!

Gracias hermanos!! Dust, Tokage, Jimmy!! Os dejo una foto del test de nutrientes powder feeding sobre unas preciosas autoflorecientes!!

Hope you like!! :brunette:



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this fields of green are a true paradise! :D

So true, maybe, hopefully, i get to see something like that one day. would be a experience to remember. Another one for the bucket list :smoke:

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it is ont for sale yet in USA i believe, Admin had a meeting about that not long ago, but i'm pretty confident the laws shouldn't be against the feeding and it should soon come to the US, finger crossed ;)

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Thank you very much to all for the comments, the truth is that they give very good results on all types of crops we tested!

A few more photos! Greetings family!

Muchas gracias a todos por lo comentarios, la verdad es que dan muy buenos resultados en todos los tipos de cultivo que hemos probado!!

Unas cuantas fotos mas! saludos familia!!








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