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Cannabis World Cup INDOOR

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this is going to be a really cool Cannabis World Cup.

Indoors is where there is NO EXCUSE = all factors are under the grower's control. Play GOD my fellow hunters!

May the best grower win!

Soon Admin will publish a list of participants (so we can all follow the countdown to 300)


Thanks a lot Franco. It´s gonna be awesome :D.

Damn usa :( Goodluck to all who enter! GHSC #1

Im sorry for you bro, I hope the law changes soon.

Peace & Smoke


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Are we gonna have the journals in this section? How is all gonna work? Im so curios about everything :D.

Yes brother, we make all contest in this section, we will be expleind better in the next days!

Sí hermano, haremos el concurso en esta sección, os lo explicaremos mejor en los próximos días! :brunette:

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Me encantaría participar amigos! Mis mejores augurios y buenos humos para todos!

Debes aumentar tu número de post amigo, todavía tienes tiempo! suerte ;)

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Id love todo this but I dont believe my post count is high enough =\. Saw the Instagram post.

First thing Welcome to Strainhunters forum and chat. Sorry no you need a minimum of 30 post´s in this forum.

Peace & Smoke


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Strain Hunters Seed Bank, Green House Seed Company & Powder Feeding invite you to participate in the first Strain Hunters "INDOOR" Cannabis World Cup.

Where besides having the chance to win great prizes, you can try our incredible nutrients and new genetics.

We are glad to announce that this is the first contest to be announced in a incredible trilogy of contests on the Strain Hunters site.

We are dedicated in making this an amazing event which will award the participating growers more than €85,000 divided between trips, cash, bonds web

seeds, nutrients and many surprises. We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed organizing it.


- Any adult person who is registered on Strainhunters.com (with a minimum of 30 posts) or Cannabiscafe.net (with a minimum of 200 posts) can enter this contest.

- We will distribute FREE seeds to the first 300 participants (10 seeds per grower, strain selected by Strain Hunters Seed Bank). The varieties you are given for this contest could be any of the following: White Lemon, Money Maker, Skunk, Damnesia, White Strawberry Skunk, Afgooey, Caboose, Wipe-out. The rest of the participants will be able to enter the contest if they purchase a pack of seeds fromwww.greenhouseseeds.nl/shop (all strains accepted from the Green House Seed Co. catalog).

We require a complete and detailed grow journal, to be updated weekly on one of the forums (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com).

- A maximum of two crops per person is accepted (not with the same strain). Crops can be blogged on one of the two forums, or both (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com). Each crop must be blogged independently, without using the same text or pictures for more than one journal.

Participants can be disqualified if:

-the same person using different nicknames.

-posting the grow journal on different forums.

-using pictures from other grows than the contest one.

-leaving the grow journal before the end of the crop


Grow journals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Originality, both in the resources used in the crop and in the presentation of the updates.

- The quality and number of pictures, and posting frequency.

- The state of the plants during their evolution and the final results.

- The amount of explanations about the grow, and fellowship toward the readers and participants.

Winners will be announced exclusively by the Contest Gatekeeper and Green House Seed Company & Strain Hunters Seed Bank.


1st Prize

A trip for the winner + 1 guest to Amsterdam for one week. Includes travel, accommodation and 1500€ in cash (at arrival in Amsterdam).

2nd Prize

€ 1,000 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

3rd Prize

€ 750 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

4th Prize

€ 500 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

5th Prize

€ 250 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

6th to 15th Prize

A bonus of € 150 for each of the Grow journal that are ranked between sixth and fifteenth place to spend on the Green House webshopwww.greenhouseseeds.nl/shop


If you are selected in the top five awards and you used the Powderfeeding nutrients, you'll receive a very special prize that will be announced sometimes during the contests.

The first 300 participants will get the Powderfeeding for free (the best type for the genetics they get).

In order to be eligible for the extra prize the rest of the participants must purchase a minimum of 1kg of any Powderfeeding fromwww.powderfeeding.ch during the contest.

Special Prize STRAIN HUNTERS + meet and greet with Franco & Arjan

If you are selected in the top five awards and have published your journal only on Strainhunters.com, we will give you a very special extra prize that will be announced sometimes during the contests. You are allowed to post you grow on both websites.

The contest will start on 15 October and will end on May 31st, 2013. This means growers can join any day, as long as they can harvest before the end date. the last possible starting date for the first post is March 1st, 2013. Winners will be announced before June 15th, 2013.

To participate you just have to answer to this thread requesting participation. The moderating team will tell you in private how to get your free seeds if you are in the first 300 to join. If not, you will be told to purchase the seeds.

To access seeds in cannabiscafe.net you will have to be registered prior to the publication of this post, and have a minimum of 200 post.

Users that will ask for participation somewhere else than in this thread will not be allowed to participate.

A small advice to all participants: be aware that not all genetics are suitable for all growers. We suggest that only experienced growers choose sativa genetics. Indicas or hybrids are more suitable for all growers.

Good luck to all participants! May the best grower WIN!

The Strain Hunters Crew

IMPORTANT: We will only dispatch seeds to persons that live in a country where it is legal import seeds.

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i am wondering if i should even try to post 29 more, probably filled all 300 by now. Any advice Moderator??? I only have experience with GH Super Lemon Haze but i love starin hunters and have been longing to try some other GH genetics.

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Hola strainhunters ! quiero participar del concurso, espero que se comuniquen conmigo.Gracias

Estaria interesado en las semillas de White Lemon y White Strawberry Skunk, tengo hecho el seguimiento de una Autobomb Autofloreciente de green house seeds !!!

Muchas Gracias



Hi Strainhunters, i want to participate in the contest, i hope u select me !

Would be interested in the seeds of White Lemon and Strawberry White Skunk, I have made ​​up a green house Autobomb Autoflowering seeds!

A lot of thanks !


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