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Cannabis World CUp - Discussion thread

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Aloha Oldemarine

We include all countries ,we are not able to send  free seeds to USA.

Unfortunately we don't make the laws in other countries and have to adhere to the Laws each country sets for its citizens.

If we break these laws it us that gets into trouble.

Here is a link to an answer I gave earlier regarding this issue. http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7999-new-testers-needed/?p=121560

I wish there were changes to the Laws in your country, maybe in time it will happen and if it did,we would be able to send free seeds, but at this time our hands are tied.

peace bro



This post has been editted to correct a mistake I Made - thanks Dust for pointing it out! :)

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And just to make things clear, the USA are included in the world cup, the only diference with the rest of the world is that you won't have the chance to get the free seeds, but many partcipants entered with their own seeds, and as long as it's a GHS or SH strain anyone can enter, american citizen or not :)

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Aloha, The seed market in Colorado and Washington State is like the Alaska Gold Rush folks! Here in Hawai'i  the days are getting longer and growers here are looking forward to the transition from short season to the long season where the plants can get huge in our fertile volcanic soil. I was wondering if hybrids of GHSC strains are going to qualify for this competition as i have 10 cubic yards of compost brewing to mix with our black volcanic cinders in 60 gallon pots?

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do you mean by hybrid of strains, a strain on the catalog that is Hybrid, or an hybrid cross you made yourlsef with the strains?  If it's only a strain ffrom the catalog then yes of course it would enter the cup :)

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Yup, send seeds to USA and you have to expect FBI through your door with some document to drag your ass to America.....life in prison anyone? Lol. That I'm afraid is not GHSCs fault. The fact you can drive to a recreational weed shop should stop you guys from stressing, lol :) I live in UK so I'm surround by water and have to fly for legal weed, Lol :)

US laws are about as muddled as a ball of string. They need to straighten that shit out! US is like a bunch of different countries in regards to weed now, even then they're all overruled by someone who hates weed (Feds). Your still able to join the competitions on here though so it's all good :) I'm really excited at the prospect of some new comps :)

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Looks like USA slowly opens his eyes, sees the reality of cannabis. We hope that further development of the law among states, and within a short time, to amend or eliminate its absurd laws. :)


Free weed for all world!!

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yes of course you can some as visitors and buy just the weed you want to smoke, but to go in the expo you will have to pay the entrance which is around 40 50e i believe, and same for the music show during the event, you will have to pay if you want to go there :) But i understand it's pretty expensive and a lot people can not afford it!


Enjoy man

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