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Cannabis World CUp - Discussion thread

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about the way to post, you will get further information on what is allowed and what isn't , and where to put it, for the moment is only registration time, don't worry guys you will know EVERTYTHING in Time haha :spiteful:

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como estan cazadores???soy sergio de argentina y quiero participar en la categoria indoor con money marker. un representante me dijo que es la variedad original del 94` seria un honor poder cultivarla!

les mando una foto de una masterkush que coseche hace 1 mes

estoy tratando de aprender a usar el sitio y competir!

un saludo desde argentina!



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just a 2 questions :P

- have you alredy recived confirmation e mail after sending shipping address ? :]

- are we obligated to use recived seeds for contest ? or can we use any kind we like ?

i looked through the rules 2 or 3 times and i didnt noticed obligation , also there is sugestion about fresh growers going for indica and info that recived strain is random ( i did not look at all genetics possible for freebies )

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Sergio necesita 30 puestos mínimos para participar en el concurso, tome un poco de tiempo para pasar por el foro y los que después se debe hacer en pocos días;)

Saludos tengas un buen día

Sizla, the confirmation will come a little later, office is having a lot of work to check all those adress, but it will come ;)

And you don't HAVE to use the seed you've been sent, although it would be recomended too, i guess new strains sent will have more luck of winning maybe, or a little more attention from the members, but what is an obligation is to grow a GH strain to enter the contest.

CHeers guys

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Seems that the vets are scared.. watch out ;) I got Ten years under my belt..just new to advertising about it...8 diff kinds 4 of my own breed.. all crystal couch lock lol no mothers all from seed breeding. Cloned only when needed. I get why people are buggin about nubes..if they have the docs to back it up..play ball!!! I've entered and not bummed at all that I got no response. My photos and knowledge are enough to make me champ in my own right. The contest is just for bragging rights. Good luck everyone who gets in. Oneluv and much respect to franco and the team.

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Now we have a discussion thread i dont mind sayin im excited and cant wait get started in this contest :spiteful: , dont really have a preference to which seeds i get, what about Y'all , anyone hoping to get a particular seed or just stoked to be taking part ??

My current grow for :santaclaus: is ongoing just now, check the link, updating soon

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with every not so positive thing in life comes some positive too.

A few harsh words and now we have a discussion thread about the world cup, everybody is cool again :cool:

What depends on me, i am really open about the choice of seeds. Sure i have some favorits but when ever i wish for something or try to manipulate it to the good, i get the opposite...

Thats dedicated to murphy's laws i think...

Now that i have read some genetics, i get really exited again and count the days to start this babies...

The grow journal itself is our effort to win this comp.

So i will keep it up to date very sheduled and detailed, but especially when you are very new to forum work or growing in general it could be helpful to do personal weekly updates and present them if you have enough inspiration from other journals.

I wish the best to everyone that takes part in this....may the seeds arrive !!!

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In fact that is a good point.

But imagine we all wait till the end of our growth and the publish 300+ journals at once ? That would be even worse..A lot of work on the judges behalf..lol

I think a mix up with bi weekly reports or so would be one good way. Showing and upping the germination of seeds + showing x-amount of pix from seedlings daily would bore the most happy cannabis fan to pieces..lol

So in order to up your chances be original and on point and keep the pix sharp and few..

But that's just my pov..

Back to the registration process

Geez.. just let it go! The Admins/mods told all of you to stop go off-topic. RESPECT THAT!

hi dust is it correct what patronie and bam-bhole posted that you can take the pics and write a rough copy journal as you go along then when you are ready post the journal and pics in a neater format.will it be posted on the forum in the journals section or will there be a seperate section for competition journal entries? lucky sowin happy growin enjoy smokin

Guys please read the rules;

Quote from the first page of the rules; We require a complete and detailed grow journal, to be updated weekly on one of the forums (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com).

Best regards


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Hy guys,

What is the cross of the "White Strawberry Skunk"?

Maybe (White widow x Arjan Strawberry Haze x Skunk)

Any infos?

I think it´s White Widow X Strawberry skunk.

Peace & smoke


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hi guys just got a message from admin that id to send my details to them,,,

What does that mean??

that i may be chosen or i have been chosen????

not sure im just happy to be part of it free seeds or no,,




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Hi guys, I have a big concern about the shipments. Do they send seeds separate from the nutrients?

Because in the country I live (argentina) the customs office retains all international packages bigger than an envelope.

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"your details have been recorded correctly. In short we will send our free kit completely discreet.

Greetings and good luck in the contest!"

cant wait!


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I dont think you can choose the strain, but really, who cares?

I just gland and happy for been able to enter to contest

already thinking in how I can get a camara to make a pic every 10min, durinh the whole thing, to later on be able to speed it up and use them like photograms and make a movie

something like this

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holy shit iv been chosen too,its been sent to me already and i only just sent my details an hour ago,,,lol

thankyou green house this means the world to me REALLY!!!



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Woot Woot ..

Hi Guys, gotr my kit 10 mins ago, Courier delivery , AND there was a surprise bonus included, if you dont want to know what the bonus is ... Look away now :biggrin:

So excited , cant wait to start, i only have 1 tent so i wont be poppin these till i harvest my current grow, 1 or 2 weeks into December for :santaclaus:

It will be Organic soil mix and of course GHSC powder feed only to see how good it actually performs, although i must say i have heard only good things about it, Guy i know on FaceBook

has been using the Sativa powder feed and his lady ( SLH ) looks awesome !!

Good luck everyone taking part, cant wait to see Y'all's Grows' Peace _\|/_ Mello Jamie


White Lemon is a true champ ;), your a lucky guy :D. WL have a really amazing smell and the taste is at it best. Good luck buddy :good: ...

Peace & Smoke


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