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Recoemmended Strains Against Insomnia ???

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Also, a few mental exercices will help. This is because our Psychology (how we think) affects our Neurology (neuro-chemical interactions) in the brain, which in turn finally affect our actual Physiology.

This is the chain of events:

Psychology(spirit/thoughts) —» Neurology(mind/brain) —» Physiology(physical effets).

Try to use delta wave music or other relaxing music at light volumes as ambient noise.

Try to visualize your own color of sleep. Black, blue hues running through in random patterns and shapes, and just focus on those behind your eyelids. You won't even realize when you fall asleep.

Try to tense up your feet for 5 seconds then relax. Do this with every body part at least twice while laying in bed. This REALLY is one of the best physical sleep exercices to relax the muscles and the body.

See, total wellness comes from all aspects. Not just one or two things. Cannabis will help, but only so much. You can get the best strain in the world for insomnia but until you find your neuronal equilibrium you will not get a REAL natural sleep that you need. Your sleep will always be cannabinoid induced and as such your neurology, and in turn your physiology will suffer.

Anyway, these were all side points that I think in my humble opinion that will help you with your cannabis medication in an even more effective manner.

Most indica strains are good because they provide a strong body high. I mentioned Grand Dad Purp. I should also mention Blue God. Literally any pure indica strain will absolutely help. You can also try Hindu Kush.

http://www.cannabism...l-hawaiian.html — Here is a list of Indica strains that you can look through. Then you can look up the strains you don't know about and see what people have to say about them, check out some reviews etc.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.

http://www.medicalma...tag/100-indica/ — Actually this is probably a better resource.

http://www.leafly.co...plore#/Insomnia — This too. I love leafly.

http://www.leafly.co...Insomnia/Sleepy — Filtered for specific sleep inducing strains including ratings and reviews.

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Critical, Crimea Blue (heavy) and Candy Kush (absolutely sublime) have all been good for helping me sleep.

I also picked up a strain once from Eindhoven call "Sudden Death". I was a bit nervous to smoke it! Turned out to be more of a "Sudden Couchlock", which may be what you are looking for.

As r4nd0m says it helps to take the whole picture into account when dealing with sleep issues. Lots of exercise works for me and avoiding coffee and alcohol. Also, try researching Sleep Hygiene, strange way of calling it but it helps you get into good habits to sleep well. Here's an article on wikipedia about it - http://en.wikipedia....i/Sleep_hygiene

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Thx Bikes n weed the critical i had and also the candy kush the ice o lator of kandy kush is really a gd sleeping knock out hehe

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White Widow. Never made it past 1 hour of it's high before I fell in a coma..lol Most weed makes me sleep well The Auto Bomb is a winner in that context. All around wellness it is in it's own league. Relaxing, positive, nice feeling - people told me I look better when smoking AB !

A combination of white widow as put me out smoke and the AB as a daytime smoke is what I recommend..but the Bubblegummer is also a nice long sleep inducing strain with a happy vibe, so choices are yours.

I second ya Bam! White Widow for Insomnia!

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Hey urb :)

Ive got quite the same Problem than u with Sleeping.

I for me discovered that i doesnt mater what kind of strain u take there are even pure Sativas which are perfect.

What really matters is when u harvest them. To find a fast and good sleep without beeing turnig around and get nervous u need a complex buzz.

Depending on the strain it will change the time of harvest. I personaly love Indicas and with them i harvest right when i got some ambers loats of cloudy and some clear trichs this will creat the most complex buzz possible and be a very good help to Sleep.

sure some Strains work easyer some bader for me atm Wappa works amazing and then i gotmy own cross for sleep may i really should share it ...

hope this helped u and if any questions are open please ask :)

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vertox really nice explaining i thought so that it depends more on the thc profile and the terpents of the plant but there are some strains that are known for this special couch lock calm down kick.....ethought easiest to start with them and discover some other stuff then beside hehe ..... well im at a own crossing too and some projects of it will e very kick down stuff for insomnia curing so letz hope this works out ....

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I like any pure indica indica/kush that is ripened for this health issue, but I don't really suffer from insomnia I only know what keeps or gets me in bed sometimes!

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