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Panc justed

Ssh under 600w, sixth week flowering!

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awesome man love those bud they look like baseball balls all roundish and seems compaact, are they compact?

Thanks for the pics man and congratz on that harvest :)

Hope the smoke is as good as the look ;)

Have a good smoke

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thx for reply's guys.

At Dust : u can play golf with them >.< frikkin hard and compact.

At Tom : if u have questions, maybe we can help.

At Moo : fem seeds :( i got like 100 more but so many diff pheno's -.- u go crasy, it's a very nice smoke tho every time a diff tast but for growing it sucks. Next round is gone be emporium cheese (also fem seeds) hope i dont get the same problem -.- els i need a bttr seed bank ;)

Round 3 is gone be for the cup, white lemon/exodus cheese.

Round 4 i'm planning to mother a k.o. kush (killa kush / herijuana) and Anesthesia (afgani x skunk / herijuana) rly hope that works out.

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man that was an impressive journal !!!! also great to see someone growing this classic strain you see alot of super lemon haze but not so much of the super silver and i have always found super silver to be such a righteous plant! plus i am a sativa lover and since i can only really grow hybrid's and indica in my set up unless i do scrog because of height restriction & and problems with time, its nice to live vicariously through the excellence of others . so thanks bro and keep up the great work!!! an happy huntin'

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