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SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST BUD I HAVE EVER SEEN :D LOL.

its a joke how big it is haha. well done indeed :)

the best white lemon i have seen yet.

i only have 3 WL going and they are 3ft tall in a small 60 x 60 tent and it completely stinks my house every time i open the tent so i really could not imagine the smell you got from this grow. you must have constantly stunk of high grade bud ;)

this diary is a winner in my eyes

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I like this diary of your White Lemon very much, planning to make this my permanent strain from now on.
I use Canna Coco's A & B with PK 13/14 and shooting powder.
Get 1 pound of x2 400w Electronic Balast's, x4 Autopots.
Still learning SCROG technique.

Well done with this grow, Interested to see this same strain done SCROG with Powder Feeding and see the results.
Coco's A & B is annoying, but produces good results. Mix part A wait 5 minutes, then mix part b and wait 2 hours.

If you need to make up 35 liters of water, then you need to minus each additive and then later add each additive diluted into 1 liter of water, Silika = diluted into 2 liters and ph'd to 6.0 before adding. (Something I have screwed up on and all the silika just solidifies).

I will make my own thread and share what a friend does who's been doing this successfully for over 15 years.
He has guided me from the start and for beginner my first was all Super Critical, got 13 OZ's.
Second Grow I got 16 OZ's.

This is my third time now, I have x1 Super Critical and x3 White Rhinos on the go, scrog grow in coco perlite.

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