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I've been using brick coco for a while now and the best way i found to flush it and prep it for use ...Get a 5 gallon bucket fill half ways with hot water and add a few pieces of your brick into the bucket...I like to use a old knife and stab it down the center tap it with a hammer a few times and the brick should split in half (Warning!! try not to be too stoned doing this and you might stab yourself...ahhaha) ...After soaking for 30 minutes in the 5 gallon bucket the coco should now have expanded ...Get a 5 gallon Smart pot ( any size will work just depends on how much you are doing at once) Than sit it in your sink or bath tub, pour all your soaking coco that was in the 5 gallon bucket into the smart pot...Let drain for a bit, than squeeze the smart pot together to fully drain water from coco...Turn on water form bath tub or facet and rinse again...Squeeze,, rinse and keep doing this process for at least 3-5 times til you see run off completely clear...After this you should have fully rinsed coco ready to use .....

I will try and get some pictures added pretty soon ...

Its a lot easier when people have pictures to look at...I'm pretty bad and explaining this in words...ahhaha

Hope this helps a few people out there that are using brick coco.....

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Thanks for sharing that man i'm sure it will help a few coco growers around here :D

Newt time you do it try to take some pictures ;)

Have a good day!

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Ok so here are some pictures to go with the tutorial to kinda give people more of a idea....First thing to do is fill smart pot with coco...This is Botanicare bag coco not brick...I still like to pre-wash my coco no mater what is says on the bag pre-washed or not.... I ran my tap water which is around 160ppm and the run-off was 600ppm...That proves you should pre-wash your coco for better results and will prevent problems in the future...

Note: I use 2 gallon smart pots but you can use any size smart pot you like I personally wouldn't use anything bigger than a 5 gallon it makes it harder to squeeze water out of pot when its a bigger size pot..

This is a 2 gallon smart pot filled almost to the top...Leave at least 3 inches from top of pot this will help later when squeeze excess water from coco..


Next run Hot water through the coco at least for 30sec to a minute:


After that you will want to squeeze the smart pot to force out all that nasty salts and dirty water from it...This will speed up the process by half the time instead of just regular flushing.Fold the top of the smart pot like this and squeeze it into a ball kinda like when you twist a towel to out excess water out...


See the runoff water Nasty :fie::


Than repeat step 2 rinse hot water through coco for another 30-60 sec than squeeze again and repeat for at least 4-5 times...I like to do this til i see the runoff water almost completely clear this tells me the coco is almost in its purest form.. :) Now its time to put the nicely fresh rinsed coco in pots and transplant those clones :)

Note: You do not have to use hot water cold water will do the same i just like to use hot so it can disinfect the coco at the same time...If you do go with the hot water technique wait a least a few hours before you use your coco hot coco will kill your plants if you try to transplant anything in it...ahahah so let it cool off a bit before using it...

Hope this helps a few new coco growers out there!


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always better with pictures you're right ;)

Thanks for the participation man!!

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