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Delivery received; confirmations only please

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Hello familly, this thread is just to confirm who received the pack.

NO to other topics or questions.

Thus we will be much easier to keep track of who we need to review.

And keep the database updated.

If you received your pack contest, please let a post here, just that.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Saludos familia este hilo es solo para confirmar quien ha recibido el pack.

NO para otros temas o preguntas.

De este modo nos será mucho mas sencillo llevar un control de quien nos falta revisar.

Y mantener la base de datos actualizada.

Si habéis recibido tu pack del concurso, por favor dejad un post aquí, simplemente eso.

Mil gracias por vuestra colaboración.

Example; Pack received correctly. Thank you.

Ejemplo; Pack recibido correcto. Gracias.


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Absolutely delighted to say my "kit" arrived today as promised. White lemon will be my entry and will be grown in an atami wilma using coco and hybrid powder feed, will run it beside another wilma using the canna line for direct comparisons but need to wait a couple of weeks till my current grow is ready before i can germ em . Looks like a christmas week harvest . Thanks guy's for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful competition.

post-15096-0-24959000-1350296372.jpg peace

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Woot Woot ..

Hi Guys, gotr my kit 10 mins ago, Courier delivery , AND there was a surprise bonus included, if you dont want to know what the bonus is ... Look away now :biggrin:

So excited , cant wait to start, i only have 1 tent so i wont be poppin these till i harvest my current grow, 1 or 2 weeks into December for :santaclaus:

It will be Organic soil mix and of course GHSC powder feed only to see how good it actually performs, although i must say i have heard only good things about it, Guy i know on FaceBook

has been using the Sativa powder feed and his lady ( SLH ) looks awesome !!

Good luck everyone taking part, cant wait to see Y'all's Grows' Peace _\|/_ Mello Jamie


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wow just got home to find i have my kit MONEY MAKER with mostly indica powder feed plus a dvd with fotage ive not seen beore just watching it now

thanks again green house just got to wait for my exodus cheese to finish then will get to it with the money maker peace gh

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Hi hunters,

Very excited today I received my KIT ! 10 DAMNSEIA seeds + Hybrid powder.

Damnesia is DAMN SOUR / AMNESIA HAZE I guess ?

I said I like olscholool genetics best Skunk / Haze / Kush . And that is exactly what I got..

Thanks a million !

Damn sour = sour SAGE - SAGE is a Selection of Asian/Afhgan Genetics crossed with one of the best HAZE on the planet probably a new strain a bit siimilar to the super Lemon Haze ?

well whatever it is it sounds like a true test of my growing skills. dam sour 9 weeks Haze 14 weeks - so 12 weeks or so can be expected ?

Took a lot of pix - will see which ones to keep for the journal.

Weekly reports ?

okay then.... :king: go for gold

First actions - pick 3 good seeds.. 1 dropped down immediately so put in another one..

First attempt at getting the feeding to an EC of 1.9 ..lol damn 4.73 !

With the doulble amount of water I finally got that in check with a ph of 6.2 ..(for my Arjan Haze#3 in week 6...)

So when to publish the reports and where ?




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Sweet, just got my pack. Money Maker :)

I have a lot going on in the veg room at the moment, my L.A. cheese has a few more weeks before 12/12. So will wait a week or so before germination. Really want to give them as much room, light and love as possible :)

Thanks for the opportunity guys, it's an honour. I will treat them like my own children and take good care of them for you :)

Again, good luck to everyone. This is gonna be a mass grow of epic proportions!

Love, peace and respect, Gonzo :)

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Hey everyone. My package arrived today :) :) got white strawberry skunk with hybrid feed. Thank you so much ghs can't wait to start my grow and journal I just need to harvest my exodus first lol. Only problem is that I only received 9 seeds one was completely crushed :( oh well still got 9 lol. Thanks again ghs


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Hi guys I just wanted to thank the guys at GHSC for this fantastic opportunity. It truly is a great comp, I so hope to win #1 :P

Here is my package I received (Hybrid feed, White Strawberry Skunk, DVD) also in the shot is a Exodus Cheese I purchased recently and will also be grown, with some UK Cheese crystals in my HeadChef grinder ;)

Unfortunately 1 of the seeds I received was crushed in the DVD case. I hope it was the weakest seed out of the bunch. :O lol.

Thanks again and lookout for my grow topic coming soon!

Peace and love to all GH.


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YEASH, Got mine in.

Got the white strawberry skunk. woohoo!

But how are we to post these journals... do you want us to start a thread and update that one the whole time or something? or do you prefer a file or a... power point presentation or whatever is possible. :P

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Today I had a phone call from my girl friend while I was at work telling me that the police had just knocked at the door and giving her a price of paper she had to sign stating that the police had confiscated a package that was sent to me containing items for illegal use. I totally froze right in the phone and thoughts about where to stash my grow room began swirling like a tornado in my head I began to shake a little bit and my palms became sweaty and I was dissy and felt like I was about to ha e a hart attack. From out of a distance way way back in the most confused and grey part of my brain a single cell began to work again and I heard my girlfriend giggle. I was a joke she laughed Your package has arrived she giggled.

And so it went and I got my GH package containing 10 White Lemon femi seeds. And the powder feeding for hybrids and the dvd :-) I am truly proud to be a part of this and to be a member of strain hunters forum. Like I said earlier I will respect this competition and treat these 10 seeds like they where ten new members of my family and I nurse them and care for them.

Thanks Green House for this huge honor.

And to everyone in the competition have a good grow and let's make some killer weed ..

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alright so yesterday i said i would be picking up my entry package it came in the mail yesterday and i had to get it from the post office i just got back with it and i am happy to report i lucked out and got ten beans of white lemon (el nino X super lemon haze) a strain i have yet to try and have been dying to give a run off and it's also cool cause i already have a bag of indica powder feeding so getting a hybrid strain means i now have 1 kg of indica an 1 kg of hybrid powder feeding so i am stocked for the next year on nutrient's ( isent green house just that coolest company)

anyways here is the contents of my entery prize



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:D guess what.....Competion Pack arrived over here 20 mins ago :D nice one so i got the caboose...rest of the day setting up the vegi room and getting ready for the Comp.


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THANKYOU GUYS :biggrin: you must be mind readers, as i read about the strains the 1 strain that i immediately thought i want that 1 was afgooey and guess what came to my house today afgooey yeay thankyou, as soon as my girls are done not long now i will plant these beutifull babies and keep you informed all the way through to the final smoke test thank you all of you :yahoo:

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I just got my packet re-delivery to me

the seeds are Afgooey, a mostly Indica strain with fame of clog up any grinder...

2 of the seed were crashed, but the other 8 look nice and healthy

I just need to wait for my current batch to finish growing, can wait!!!

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